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Texas Archery Academy hours:
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Network of Range Locations     

Welcome to the Dallas County hunt property! 

This opportunity, available now, is actually on our Texans Archery Club’s Elm Fork archery range. You probably have been there. This is by special permission to control the invasive hog problem. Elm Fork operates within the Dallas Parks system and is restricted from pulling a trigger after 8pm. The hogs are mostly nocturnal 8pm – 2am. The feeder is located on the woods course and goes off 6-7-8pm. There is a ladder stand directly across from it. It vital that we be DISCREET, NO CARCASS LEFT BEHIND, AND NO FACEBOOK/SOCIAL MEDIA MENTION OF THE LOCATION. Only our hunt club members have this privileged access, please protect it for all.
You will need to reserve a date with Clint Montgomery and get a code to hunt.  There is a lock box with key for the gate. Usually the gate is locked by 8pm, unless property staff instruct otherwise, the gate should always be locked behind you upon exiting and returned to the lock box. Suggest you park your vehicle around Lane 4 on the Woods Course so you are hidden well. Walk across the power line field to the feeder to hunt.  The feeder has a large green light which intensify with motion. Lots of raccoons out there every night too!
When you want to reserve a hunt, please email me so I can reserve it on the calendar. For safety reasons, please text me at start and finish of hunt, I would love to get any kill pictures too! You will need to hunt in the evenings to avoid any archery range conflict.
Clint Montgomery
(214) 827-7000
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