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Texas Archery Academy hours:
Open Mon-Fri 3:00pm-8:00pm
Open Sat-Sun 9:00am-6:00pm
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HAMILTON PARK ARCHERY RANGE!   Members ONLY, no guests, must have own equipment, range certified, and contribute an hour of service prior to gaining access code. No broadhead points or crossbows. 
The Hamilton Park outdoor archery range is operated by Texans Archery Club  NOTE:  The TAC range at Hamilton Park is open to members Monday thru Sunday, daylight hours. This is a MEMBERS ONLY facility (no public and no guests) until future notice. You must have your own equipment, no loaner equipment available, and be range certified. No minors allowed without parent.

The archery range is located in Dallas on the southeast corner of  75 and 635 on approximately 30 acres.  The address is 12455 Schroeder, this street runs north of Forest Lane and south of 635. There are two entrances  just north of the Hamilton Park School: a sliding gate for cars, and a double fence gate (must go over the curb) for larger vehicles. There is an 8 foot fence or forest around the property boundary.

Please lock the gate behind you. Once inside, signs will guide you to the parking area  under the power line easement below. You may also park on top in area immediately around the sliding gate (against the fence). You must have your membership card visible on you to visually notify others while on the property. Members are tasked with policing this property, there is no range officer on duty. Please sign in at the bulletin board. If you enter the Red or Gold field courses, sign your name on the dry erase board to notify others… and erase when you exit please.

Texans Archery Club Director:   Clint Montgomery



Here is a summary of what our Hamilton Park Range includes:

The Hamilton Park Range emphasis is Field Archery, rare in Texas!  There are two Practice Ranges: one is just as you enter the property on the left for 50 yards or less, this is part of the Red Field Course; the second is a FITA Long Distance Range utilizing the power easement. There is a large open field for aerial target shooting/competitions, and two Field Archery courses – total of 30 lanes. Wear appropriate clothing and insect preparation. Most of our areas have organized firing lines or walking trail course, but be on watch for poison ivy, snakes and critters.

50 yard  – Practice Range

Compound shooters will enjoy this area’s convenience and easy to pull target. You may also use the dirt berm behind it for your own personal target selection.


FITA Long Distance – Practice Range

* Targets at distances from 30-90 meters.

Field Range – Red Course 

*Full-time course providing for:  Field and Hunter targets (and potential Animal round). Lanes are marked with signs. See game description below for rules.

* 15 Lanes are fun and challenging setups, like playing golf in the woods

* Target distances range from 20 feet to 80 yards! All shots are known (marked) distances and use available terrain challenges. You shoot four arrows at each target.


Animal Range – Gold Course

*Full-time course providing for:   Animal targets (either 2D or 3D). Lanes are marked with signs. See description below for Animal round rules.

* 15 Lanes are fun and challenging setups, like playing golf in the woods

* Target distances are uneven, but range from 10 yards to 60 yards! All shots are marked with three shooting positions and use available terrain challenges. You have the option of shooting 1-3 arrows at each target.

Many lanes are longer than normal 3D competition limits.  If shooting for yourself, think of them as Advance, Intermediate, and Beginner (shoot within your limits). Move through the course. Do NOT go in reverse!  Shoot 1-3 arrows, no more per person please. There is an exit possible at lanes 1, 7 and 12. Always be aware of other shooters, no sky draws, and announce yourself upon exiting.


We have the option to use the Red and Gold courses for multiple games:
Part of a 30 lane event shoot.
15 lane “300” Field round or 
14/28 lane official Field, Hunter, or  Animal field archery round.


Before entering either course please sign your name on bulletin board and erase upon exiting – this is a courtesy to other shooters, and your safety!


Description of Field Archery:


The National Field Archery Association is the US affiliate of the International Field Archery Association.

Three common types of NFAA round are the field, hunter, and animal. A round consists of 28 targets in two units of 14. The information in the following sections is taken from the NFAA Styles and Rules. [2]


Field rounds are at ‘even’ distances up to 80 yards (some of the shortest are measured in feet instead), using targets with a black bullseye (5 points), a white center (4) ring, and black outer (3) ring. Archer shoots four arrows at each target. Shooting positions may be: all four arrows from one position; a series of four walk-up positions; or, a fan layout of four positions.


Hunter rounds use ‘uneven’ distances up to 70 yards (64 m), and although scoring is identical to a field round, the target has an all-black face with a white bullseye. Shooting positions may be: all four arrows from one position; a series of four walk-up positions; or, a fan layout of four positions.

Youth positions for these two rounds are closer.


Animal rounds use life-size 2D animal targets with ‘uneven’ distances reminiscent of the hunter round. The rules and scoring are also significantly different. The archer begins at the first station of the target and shoots his first arrow. If it hits, he does not have to shoot again. If it misses, he advances to station two and shoots a second arrow, then to station three for a third if needed. Scoring areas are “vitals” (20, 16, or 12) and “nonvital” (18, 14, or 10) with points awarded depending on which arrow scored first. Again, children and youth shoot from reduced range.


Different archery games to enjoy description

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