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Texas Archery Academy hours:
Open Mon-Fri 3:00pm-8:00pm
Open Sat-Sun 9:00am-6:00pm
Network of Range Locations     

Indoor Archery Range

Curriculum Plan:

Students receive digital Intro to Archery Guide upon enrollment

Daily routine: 9am Show and Tell; 10am Learn and Shoot; 11am Games and Competition

Quiz each day to complete 101 test and bonus question for (+10) extra points and a prize

Students earn points daily towards week cumulative point tally for “Robinhood Award”

10 minute break each hour, students can bring preferred snacks, drinks or lunch. We have bottled water available.



9 Welcome, 101 handout w/ TAC sticker, Safety video &  range layout, Parts of Bow and Arrow, Accessories; Bonus Quiz

10  Discover Archery (review each participant’s skill level, snake bows) communicate 3AR – emphasize Anchor, goal range certification at 10 yards (+30 points)

11 Balloon massacre-  loaded pattern, Survivor with 5 color 80cm (+20 points), and TAG hoop shoot (+5) 3 stations- two shots each, then TAG dodge ball


9 Discuss the games of archery: indoor & outdoor, NASP; Field (5 spot,Field, Animal, Hunter, American Round; 3D); FITA (JOAD program, Vegas, Collegiate, Olympic); 3D; novely; Hunting/Bowfishing; Bonus Quiz

10 Intro to Archery (drills for 3AR, emphasis on Alignment and Aim – Balloon massacre- horizontal & vertical pattern), discussion on history and equipment, showcase difference in 3AR in equipment/shooting styles – target & instinctive), goal NASP competition of 6 ends of 5 arrows at 10 meters and 15 meters (+total score)

11 Game course – teaching targets and scoring: 5spot, Field bunny, 2D Animal  (+total score); team shoot off on 2D foam animal arcade: 3 arrows each participant, two teams, participants rotate 1 arrow per turn (winning team members get +10 each)


9  Distance, Angle and Moving!: 3AR drills emphasizing Aim and Release; Discussion on estimating yardage, what is Flight, Clout and Wand?; practice drills to increase distance and consistency and relationship of alignment; Bonus Quiz

10 Shoot American 600 round, three distances 10-20-30 yards at 80cm target, 20 arrows each (+total score). High score wins individual prize!

11 Game course – challenging depth perception: hanging Wand (+5), Swinging ball (+5), Elevated 3D (+5 kill) Clout Barrel (+5 in) (+total score); team clout shoot off on ground barrel at 25 yards (snake bows, TAG arrows): 1 arrow each participant, two teams, participants rotate 1 arrow per turn (winning team members get +10 each)


9 Tournament Day! Discussion on official conduct and scoring. Bonus Quiz

10 Tournament Shoot: 18 meters 60cm target 10 ends of 3 arrows. High score wins individual prize! 101 Worksheet completion, Award of Star Pins

11 Team shoot – Go fish game, use bowfishing gear to reel in foam fish for for each winning team member. Three shots per member, winning team with most fish reeled in get (25+points)for each team member . Final tally of points, individual with the most points for the week receives the Robinhood Award!

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