TEAMS Program

Parents may enroll a minor age 8 – 17 (without purchasing a full family membership) in the TEAMS Program for limited access for only $120/yr. This is NOT a membership. Participation requirements below determine eligibility.


In order to qualify, the youth and their parent or guardian must agree to the following requirements: 

1. Enrollment – Minor must be enrolled with a TXAA sponsored team (NASP, S3DA, JOAD) for full fall and spring school semesters.

2. Attendance Requirements – Monthly attend at least one weekly team practice with the team enrolled in.   Participate in at least two TAIL tournaments during the calendar year. Earn at least one ARCHERS QUEST rank level or USAA Star Pin award per calendar year. Coach is required to verify attendance/participation requirements.

3. Limited Access – This enrollment is NOT membership in Texans Archery Club. No 24hr code access to Shooters Clubs or outdoor range use is available.  Minor has access to Plano and McKinney indoor ranges only. These are limited to team scheduled practice or during regular posted public access times.  No range fee is required during public access. Loaner equipment is controlled by coach access only.

No Drop offs of minors. A parent must accompany the minor, unless 16 years of age with drivers license. The registered coach may be authorized by parent to supervise minor during practice or private lesson, if two adults are present.   

4. Conduct – Minors must follow the directions and safety standards set by the coaches and all range guidelines and safety procedures. Failure to follow instructions will result in removal and may result in suspension from the program. Horseplay, fighting, foul language or other unsafe or inappropriate behavior or discussions will result in removal and may result in suspension from the program. Repeated offenses will result in removal from the program. Parent must be available to remove minor or any other siblings creating a disturbance.

5. Electronics – Minors may not have any electronics while on the firing line. Parents who are waiting for their archer are asked to use electronics quietly and not have ringing phones or siblings who have the volume turned on.

6. Pets – Pets are not permitted in any TXAA facility.

7. Contact permission – TXAA authorized USAA certified instructors registered with the team may coach a minor’s shooting form.  It is understood this may encompass appropriate touch to adjust positioning, balance, or continuity in curriculum training for the discipline being taught. Coaches are instructed to use a pointing stick or one finger to adjust an archer’s shooting form. This is in accordance with Safe Sport protocol. Two adults are to be present.

8. Responsibility – In all circumstances, shooters, parents and coaches are responsible for their actions and upholding the standards of the Texas Archery Academy. Cooperation, self-control, self-discipline and high standards of sportsmanship are expected at all times.

9. Risk Awareness – I am aware of the sporting equipment involved and the potential physical danger if safety and training are not followed. With respect to this potential danger, those coaching and providing the instructional training will deem it necessary to instruct and discipline from time to time for the best interests of all involved. The first and foremost concern is safety; skill attainment and enjoyment are second.  You agree to release Texas Archery Academy/Texans Archery Club of any liability from any injuries or loss at the facility.

Agreement and request to enroll – By continuing with payment for enrollment, I certify that my child and I have read, understand and agree to the above requirements. I understand that in order for my child to participate in Texas Archery Academy’s TEAMS Program, I must accompany them to every event or give permission to the team coach to supervise them. Once the application is approved, you will be sent a payment link. Please note the minor’s name in the payment notes for our records.


if you would like to apply, complete this form:

TEAMS Program application

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