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TEXANS 900 – Sept 18-19, 2021   (under construction)

Hosted by: Texans Archery Club

Location: Sept 18 at Texas Archery Academy (indoors); Sept 19 TBA (outdoors)

$50 Outside/$35 Inside

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

FORMAT (2021)

NFAA format of 90 arrows at three distances (five 6 arrow ends,  30 arrows at each distance), starting with the farthest distance. Recurve and Barebow use the 122cm target. Compound competitors use the 80cm 6-ring target. 5 minutes allowed to shoot an end.  Four archers per target bale. There shall be two practice ends or 45 minutes of open practice before the first scoring end in the competition.


Cubs (6-11) will shoot at 30-20-10 yards (hosted inside 9AM)

Youth (12-14) will shoot at 50-40-30 yards (hosted inside 1PM)

Young Adult and Adult Classes will shoot at 60-50-40 yards (hosted outside Sept 19th 10AM)

Target will be the standard 122 cm multi-color FITA face, scored 10 to 1; Compound shooters will use 80cm 6-ring. For this tournament, equipment will be categorized only as Compound, Recurve, and Barebow. No crossbows.


  • $200 Recognition award for the overall top score achieved in the Adult three distance competition regardless of age, gender or equipment.
  • All three distance groups are awarded medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winners, available for Male & Female per equipment style


Maximum arrow shaft diameter allowed in NFAA competition will be 0.422 inches, with point diameter not to exceed 0.425 inches. The shaft diameter will include any wrap placed on the arrow and will include the size of the nock and the nock insert. If the arrow wrap, nock, or nock adapter exceed 0.422 inches in diameter and are embedded in the scoring area of the target, the arrow shall not be scored and will be reshot.

The maximum peak draw weight allowed in NFAA competition shall be 80 pounds, with a maximum arrow speed of 300 feet per second, with a variance of 3%.

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