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Texas Archery Academy Archery Development Programs

Black Star Pin

What is the SPORT of Archery? What are the Games played in archery?
  1. Identify target faces used in FITA, Field, 3-D
  2. How do you play FITA, Field, Clout, 3-D, Wand, Archery Golf.

What are the Organizations in Archery? USA Archery, NFAA, World Archery (FITA), IBO, ASA, Collegiate Archery Program (CAP)


Knowledge and Know-How:

How to use a mirror during practice

Why is fitness  important to an archer

How to Build Strength and Stamina for Archery

Review your practice journal progress


Must shoot in 1 TAIL, 1 local tournament,  and 1 SYWAT league shoot

Must attend 5-6 team practice sessions each month

Must participate in JOAD team events

Must attend/watch/read about personal fitness programs

Must practice archery form with training aids a minimum of 2 hours per week at home

Recreational practice – expected to shoot two 100 arrow sessions per week, in addition to weekly team practice.

Shooting Proficiency

  1. Indoor JOAD –30 arrows 18m 150 points, Olympic 60cm; Comp 40cm
  2. Indoor AAA –30 arrows 18m 40cm, Trad 175 pts; Olympic 240 pts; Comp 40cm inner 220pts
  3. Outdoor Optional: JOAD –36 arrows 122cm, Olympic 240pts; Comp 265pts
  4. Outdoor Optional: AAA –36 arrows 50m 80cm, Trad 250 pts; Olympic 275 pts; Comp 280pts

Team Practice Sessions:

  1. Proficiency of shooting 6 ring or better on 5-color target
  2. Participate in different archery games – shoot at HP a Field and animal round.
  3. Practice on Multi-target faces
  4. shoot a minimum of 100 arrows during personal training session


Achievement of individual Black Star Pin award and available tournament competition awards for team and individuals.

Team Practice Sessions:

  1. Date: ____________, Instructor: _________
  2. Date: ____________, Instructor: _________
  3. Date: ____________, Instructor: _________

4. Date: ____________, Instructor: _________ 5. Date: ____________, Instructor: _________ 6. Date: ____________, Instructor: _________

Student Guide

Black Star Student Worksheet

Students Name: ________________________________ Date: ____________

Students must complete this worksheet prior to attending the Star Pin Qualification tournament. If a student needs assistance, they may bring this worksheet to class to review with the instructor.

Define what exercises you need to perform to increase your strength.

________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________

Define what exercises you need to perform to increase your stamina.

________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________

Which archery game did you like to participate in?

________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________

Achieved Black Star:


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