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Texas Archery Academy

TEAMS Development Programs

Blue Star Pin Achievement


Equipment assembly and maintenance:

1) How to take care of your own equipment

    2) How to assemble and take care of your bow and strings

    3) How to repair serving knots and tie on nock points

4) How to select arrows, build and repair them

    5) Learn how to paper tune bow and take critical measurements for your bow Arrows

6) What are AMO Standards? – know how we use them

Knowledge and Know How:

  1. Know how to check for bent and broken arrows
  2. Know how to repair broken fletches and Nocks
  3. Know how to check bow measurements
  4. Explain why documenting equipment setting is important
  5. Learn how to make a PVC bow
  6. Know USA Archery National Training System (NTS) shot sequence
  7. Practice with Purpose by developing training techniques
  8. Understand what form errors affects arrow group size
  9. Knows how to create a fitness plan



  1. Must participate in 1 local and 1 state tournament in different formats
  2. Must attend 6 team practice sessions each month
  3. Must participate in JOAD Team events
  4. Must practice archery form with training aids a minimum of 3 hours per week at home
  5. Recreational practice – expected to shoot two 150 arrow sessions per week, in addition to weekly team practice.

Team Practice Sessions:

  1. Proficiency of shooting Red ring or better on 5-color target
  2. Assemble and disassemble bows
  3. Build arrows
Blue Star Shooting proficiency

Indoor JOAD –30 arrows 18m 200 points, Olympic 60cm; Comp 40cm

Indoor AAA –30 arrows 18m 40cm, Trad 200 pts; Olympic 260 pts; Comp 40cm inner 240pts

Outdoor Optional: JOAD –36 arrows 50m 122cm, Olympic 240pts, Comp 265pts

Outdoor Optional: AAA –36 arrows 70m 122cm, Trad 260 pts; Olympic 280 pts; Comp 290pts


Achievement of individual Blue Star Pin award and available tournament competition awards for team and individuals.


Team Practice Sessions:

  1. Date: ____________, Instructor: _________
  2. Date: ____________, Instructor: _________
  3. Date: ____________, Instructor: _________

What tournaments did you attend?

1. Date: _______, Format: ________________

4. Date: ____________, Instructor: _________ 5. Date: ____________, Instructor: _________ 6. Date: ____________, Instructor: _________

2. Date:_______, Format: ________________

Student Guide

Blue Star Student Worksheet

Students Name: ________________________________ Date: ____________

Students must complete this worksheet prior to attending the Star Pin Qualification tournament. If a student needs assistance, they may bring this worksheet to class to review with the instructor.

Name several steps in the National Training System shot sequence.

________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________

Explain how you documented your bow settings.

________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________

Define how to check for bent arrows.

________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________

Demonstrate fletching your own arrows.

Date: ______________

Achieved Blue Star:
Score: ________________________ Date: _____________________

Texas Archery Academy Archery Development Programs

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