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Texas Archery Academy

TEAMS Development Programs


Gray (Join 101 workouts in preparation for 1st TAIL shoot, scoring the target, and participating on a TEAM)


Introduce the variety of archery Games and World Archery Sport.

Tournament preparation – how to score a 5-color and use a scorecard.



During your recreational shooting use the drills from previous levels to become comfortable at 20 yards. Most indoor competitions are at 18 meters/20 yards. You are now working on consistent Release as explained in 3AR presentation. Shoot in sessions of 100 arrows. Use a target of 12″ and build to all arrows are grouped within target.

During TEAMS practice/workouts,  you will be shooting 30 arrow sessions all within target face!  To be done at the distance, and with the target, to be shot at upcoming TAIL competition

The practice will also review/introduce: Fundamental Drills and Skills for practice; Demonstrate complete knowledge of 3AR shooting skills; Drills for form: T-Form Drills, Anchor, Alignment, Aim and Release Drills; multiple methods on how to string a recurve bow

You will be expected to be able to recite parts of the bow and arrow, safety rules, whistle commands, call out range commands, and can recognize safety issues on the range and how to correct them.


Shooting proficiency: Achieve at the TAIL shoot.

Indoor JOAD –30 arrows 9m 150 points, Olympic 60cm; Compound 40cm
Indoor AAA –30 arrows 18m 40cm, Novice 150 pts; Olympic 220 pts; Comp 40cm inner 200pts
Outdoor Optional: JOAD –36 arrows 25m 122cm, Novice 180, Olympic 205pts; Comp 230pts
Outdoor Optional: AAA –36 arrows 50m 80cm, Trad 225 pts; Olympic 260 pts; Comp 270pts


Awarding of Green, Purple and Gray Star Pin awards and indoor lanyard. Allowed to advance to White testing and REC- TEAMS!

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