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Red-Jr Varsity

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Texas Archery Academy

TEAMS Development Programs

Red Star Pin Achievement – 
How to select your next level of archery equipment

What type of bow should be used?

Knows how to tune/adjust their own bow

Your own bow

  • Can assemble new bow with minimal assistance
  • Can select and build own arrows.

Knowledge and Know How:
Knows proper eating habits – Performance foods and staying hydrated – How foods affect our archery performance

Know how to document nutrition requirements and evaluate further development needs

Learn how to judge distance on unknown target distances



  1. Must shoot at 1 TAIL, 2 city and 2 state tournaments and participate in SYAT league
  2. Must attend 2 practice sessions weekly
  3. Must participate in JOAD Team events
  4. Must practice archery form with training aids a minimum of 3 hours per week at home
  5. Must record shooting performance and meet with coach once a month to review progress/journal
  6. Recreational practice – expected to shoot two 200 arrow sessions per week, in addition to weekly team practice.


Team Practice Sessions:

  1. Proficiency of shooting 8 ring or better on 5-color target
  2. Judging distance
  3. Help with teaching White Star pin students

Red Star Shooting proficiency:

Indoor JOAD –30 arrows 18m 250pts, Olympic 60cm; Comp 40cm

Indoor AAA –30 arrows 18m 40cm, Trad 225pts; Olympic 275pts; Comp 40m inner 260

Outdoor Optional: JOAD –36 arrows 50m 122cm, Olympic 275pts, Comp 300pts

Outdoor Optional: AAA –36 arrows 70m 122cm, Trad 270pts; Olympic 290pts; Comp 300pts


Achievement of individual Red Star Pin award and available tournament competition awards for team and individuals.


Once a student achieves their Red Star Pin they may attend Off-Campus Physical Education for Archery.


Team Practice Sessions:

  1. Date: _____,_______, Instructor: _________
  2. Date: _____,_______, Instructor: _________

Assisted Training of White Star Students:

  1. Date: ____________, Instructor: _________
  2. Date: ____________, Instructor: _________
  3. Date: ____________, Instructor: _________

What tournaments did you attend?

  1. Date: _______, Format: ________________
  2. Date:_______, Format: ________________

3. Date: _____,_______, Instructor: _________ 4. Date: _____,_______, Instructor: _________

4. Date: ____________, Instructor: _________ 5. Date: ____________, Instructor: _________ 6. Date: ____________, Instructor: _________

3. Date: _______, Format: ________________ 4. Date:_______, Format: ________________

Student Guide

Red Star Student Worksheet

Students Name: ________________________________ Date: ____________

Students must complete this worksheet prior to attending the Star Pin Qualification tournament. If a student needs assistance, they may bring this worksheet to class to review with the instructor.

Where did you speak with other students about how archery has helped you?

________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________

Selected what equipment?

________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________

Demonstrated judging distance to targets:

Date: ______________

Achieved Red Star:
Score: ________________________ Date: _____________________

Texas Archery Academy Archery Development Programs

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