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Texas Archery Academy hours:
Open Mon-Fri 3:00pm-8:00pm
Open Sat-Sun 9:00am-6:00pm
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Texas Archery Academy

TEAMS Development Programs

Star Achievement White (Introduce equipment choices & Join a USA Archery program to begin skill ranking and tournament participation)

Learn: Shooting all types of bows:c61d027e8513e0c2e3f24f9ba1d1f2d6
  1. Know the differences and advantages of: Olympic, Compound, Traditional Recurve, Longbow, Crossbow
  2. Learn shooting form for each type of bow.
  3. Explain the concepts for anchor and alignment for each type of bow
  4. Target sights for Recurve and Compound, Hunting sights, Peeps, gap shooting, string walking
  5. Knows how to aim without a sight and make adjustments to a sight when using one
  6. Learn terms used in archery, End, Round, see glossary of terms.

Review range layout and commands to control shooting


  1. Be familiar with the layout  for a standard World Archery Indoor and Outdoor range
  2. Demonstrate controlling the shooting line with: Whistles, Horns, Lights, Flags, and Verbal commands.


  1. Takes turns leading  Stretching and Warming up techniques –  demonstrate use training aids—string bow, PVC bow and stretching bands
  2. Begin keeping a Practice Journal
  3. Proficiency of shooting Blue ring or better on 5-color target, at 18m
  4. Drills and Skills to improve shoot grouping
  5. Anchor & Alignment, walk-back to 18 meters

Participation Requirements:

  1. Must shoot at 1 TAIL and 1 local tournament
  2. Must attend 1 team practice session each week.
  3. Must practice archery form with training aids a minimum of 1 hours per week at home
  4. Must enroll** in JOAD or AAA team
  5. Recreational practice – expected to shoot two  100 arrow sessions per week, in addition to weekly team practice.

Shooting proficiency: (to be shot a TAIL shoot)

  1. Indoor JOAD –30 arrows 18m 100 points, Olympic 60cm; Comp 40cm
  2. Indoor AAA –30 arrows 18m 40cm, Trad 150 pts; Olympic 220 pts; Comp 40cm inner 200pts
  3. Outdoor Optional: JOAD –36 arrows 30m 122cm, Olympic 230pts; Comp 245pts
  4. Outdoor Optional: AAA –36 arrows 50m 80cm, Trad 225 pts; Olympic 260 pts; Comp 270pts


Achievement of White Star Pin. Allowed to interview for ACADEMY Teams.

** Student must join USA Archery to participate in JOAD or AAA programs. They have a membership fee.



White Star Student Worksheet

Team Practice Sessions:

  1. Date: ____________, Instructor: _________ 3. Date: ____________, Instructor: _________
  2. Date: ____________, Instructor: _________ 4. Date: ____________, Instructor: _________

Explain how practice has helped you become a better archer.

________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________

Write four archery terms you use while practicing archery.

1. _____________________________ 3. _____________________________ 2. _____________________________ 4. _____________________________

Explain what adjustments you need to make to your sight if your arrows are shooting high and left of center.



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