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Texas Archery Academy hours:
Open Mon-Fri 3:00pm-8:00pm
Open Sat-Sun 9:00am-6:00pm
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Texas Archery Academy: TEAMS Development Programs

Yellow Star Pin Achievement – (Learn Mental Management: A WINNING MIND)

Learn how to properly tune thither types of bows

Earn Level 1 Instructor certification (must be 15 years old)—fee is extra

Perform as Range Officer at a public event

Set up an Archery Range, Indoor & Outdoor.

Use training video equipment.

Can tune any type of bow and arrow properly





  1. Takes private lessons with Regional Coach—private coaching fee is extra.
  2. Must shoot at 1 TAIL, 2 city and 2 state tournaments and participate in SYAT league
  3. Regularly shoots at city, state and national tournaments
  4. Must attend 2 practice sessions weekly
  5. Must record shooting performance and meet with coach once a month to review progress/journal
  6. Must participate in JOAD/AAA Team events
  7. Must practice archery form with training aids a minimum of 3 hours per week at home
  8. Attend seminars on various aspects of the sport of archery
  9. Recreational practice – expected to shoot two 250 arrow sessions per week, in addition to weekly team practice.

Team Practice Sessions:

Proficiency of shooting 8 ring or better on 5-color target
Help with teaching lesser Star Pin students


Personal Development:

  1. My goal is to be an athlete in the sport of archery
  2. I Can talk to other adults about why should other youths learn archery
  3. I Can discuss why NTS has improved archery performance
  4. I Can discuss why nutrition is important to an athlete
  5. I Can discuss specific physical exercises for archery
  6. I work around the community to develop and support the sport of Archery.


Yellow Star Shooting Proficiency

Indoor JOAD –18m, 270 points, Olympic 60cm; Comp 40cm

Indoor AAA –30 arrows 18m 40cm, Trad 250pts; Olympic 280pts; Comp 40m inner 280

Outdoor Optional: JOAD –36 arrows 60m 122cm, Olympic 290pts; Comp 310pts

Outdoor Optional: JOAD –36 arrows 70m 122cm, Olympic 270pts; Comp 300pts

Outdoor Optional: AAA –36 arrows 70m 122cm, Trad 280pts; Olympic 300pts; Comp 310pts


Achievement of individual Yellow Star Pin award and available tournament competition awards for team and individuals. Continuing individual achievement of Bronze, Silver and Gold Olympian recognition for scores achieved in sanctioned competition.

Yellow Star Student Worksheet

Students Name: ________________________________ Date: ____________

Students must complete this worksheet prior to attending the Star Pin Qualification tournament. If a student needs assistance, they may bring this worksheet to class to review with the instructor.

Team Practice Sessions:

  1. Date: ____________, Instructor: _________
  2. Date: ____________, Instructor: _________
  3. Date: ____________, Instructor: _________

Assisted Coach in Training of Students:

  1. Date: ____________, Instructor: _________
  2. Date: ____________, Instructor: _________
  3. Date: ____________, Instructor: _________

What tournaments did you attend?

  1. Date: _______, Format: ________________
  2. Date: _______, Format: ________________

Date you obtained your Level 1 Certification?

1. Date: _______, Instructor Name: ________________

4. Date: ____________, Instructor: _________ 5. Date: ____________, Instructor: _________ 6. Date: ____________, Instructor: _________

4. Date: ____________, Instructor: _________ 5. Date: ____________, Instructor: _________ 6. Date: ____________, Instructor: _________

3. Date: _______, Format: ________________ 4. Date: _______, Format: ________________

Where did you speak with other students about how archery can help them?

________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________

Achieved Yellow Star:
Score: ________________________ Achieved Bronze Olympian:
Score: ________________________ Achieved Sliver Olympian:
Score: ________________________ Achieved Gold Olympian:
Score: ________________________

Date: _____________________

Date: _____________________

Date: _____________________

Date: _____________________

Texas Archery Academy Archery Development Programs

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