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Shooter’s School is a Texas Archery Academy (TXAA) developed program focused on educating (novice and advanced archers with their own equipment) in fundamental equipment knowledge, shooting form, and maintenance skill.

This is a non-competitive educational seminar to develop an archer’s enjoyment of their equipment.

While many of the class offerings are custom-developed by TXAA, we also use video programs in “show and tell” seminars combined with “lab” or range time.

Shooter’s School is a two hour seminar held monthly (minimum of 5 participants to hold class, sign up at front counter, $25 members; non-members $45) in your selected equipment style. It consists of shooting technique presentation, implementation on the range, and equipment repair-tuning workshop. This is designed to fit the needs of the archer at all levels of experience.


Barebow (stick and string, no sights)

– Instinctive styles and aiming methods

– Equipment repair and tuning


Olympic Recurve Bow (take down recurve with sights) 

– National Training System (NTS) method

– Equipment repair and tuning


Compound Bow (bow with wheels and multiple strings, with sights)

– Introduction (Form and Equipment Accessories)

– Equipment repair and tuning

Advanced Compound Bow – (sign up) Cost $50

In this 2-hour indoor class, learn how compound bows work from A-Z and how to tune and maintain their performance. Learn technical details of rests, stabilizers, sights, and release aids. Covers performance issues, measurements and requirements for shooting accurately and consistently. If you are going to hunt with a compound bow, you need this peace of mind and confidence with your equipment. (minimum of 3, max 6 participants).



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