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Archery Benefits – 10 Great Reasons To Get Started In Archery

Archery is a great sport for boosting your mental, physical and social fitness. Check out the top 10 benefits for getting involved at a local park, club or team.

1. Archery is open to all- Archery can be done by anybody and most disabled people, regardless of your size, shape or fitness level.

2. Archery provides enjoyment- The goal of recreational archery is to have fun, shooting all different types of targets or participating archery games.

3. Archery is not a physically demanding- The average person has more than enough strength and can easily draw a bow.

4. Archery improves your focus- Archery helps improve mental fitness by clearing your mind and improving your focus.

5. Archery improves patience- Archery teaches and develops patience by slowing the archer down and steadying their shot.

6. Archery improves self-confidence- Archery provides great satisfaction as you develop your skills hitting stationary or moving targets, up close and further away.

7. Archery is a social activity- Archery has roots in all cultures and has brought people together for thousands of years. It teaches the benefits of teamwork and working together.

8. Archery indoors and outdoors- Archery can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors; weather is not barrier to participation.

9. Archery is inexpensive- Archery is a cheap if you just want to play and have fun. Most locations where you practice provide equipment. If you want to compete, you can purchase all the toys you like; the sky’s the limit.

10. Archery teaches safety- The sport can be dangerous if you are reckless. Archery teaches everyone to be responsible for one another. Archery is the safest shooting sport, of all shooting sports.


How much is a membership?

Adult $120, Junior $60, discounts for family and outdoor ranges only. For details

We have a monthly pass for $60 and unlimited Discover Archery for $50 at the indoor ranges.

We also offer a Passport privilege to members of affiliated archery clubs for 50% discount off public range fee access.

A $5.00 convenience fee applies to all purchases made with credit/debit cards.

When is TXAA open?

Our Indoor ranges are open Tuesday through Friday, noon to 7 p.m., Saturday & Sunday 9am to 6pm. On off times we schedule private events, class programs and leagues/tournaments.

Where is TXAA located?

Our Plano indoor range (Headquarters) is located at 600 Accent Drive, Suite B in Plano. The building is next to a Chick-fil-a and shares a building with the PGA Golf Store. Dallas indoor range is at 9500 N. Central Expwy, Suite 100… first level of parking garage under Specs, south east corner of Walnut Hill and 75. San Antonio indoor range is just off of 410 and Broadway, 8446 Gault.

When can I use my Amazon?

We have “deals”  for Discover Archery. No reservation is necessary. New sessions begin every hour, Tuesday through Friday. Space is limited; first come, first serve. There are no weekend sessions available.

We have “deals” for Summer Camp sessions. You buy for the week you intend to come and call (214) 960-4088 to confirm the reservation. At the end of Camp, a month’s unlimited range pass is awarded to each attendee.

You must have your barcoded Amazon receipt—either printed out or electronically—to receive service. Service will not be provided if you do not have a receipt.

When can I use my Groupon?

We have “deals”  for Discover Archery. No reservation is necessary. New sessions begin every hour, Tuesday through Friday. Space is limited; first come, first serve. There are no weekend sessions available.

We have “deals” for Birthday Parties coming soon.

You must have your barcoded Groupon receipt—either printed out or electronically—to receive service. Service will not be provided if you do not have a receipt.


I have an expired Groupon. What can I do with it?

Please contact Groupon for any questions you might have regarding your expired receipt.


I want to make a reservation for my child’s birthday party. What do I need to know?

Be advised that these slots fill up very quickly! We recommend reserving a spot up to two months in advance.

Birthday parties are $200 for 10 kids; extra party participants are $20 per person. (For children under the age of 9, we ask that a parent be present for each child under this age.) The party includes an hour of shooting on the range (long- and short-distance, 3D targets, moving targets, a variety of drills–all equipment is provided by us), and is followed by an hour in our party room for cake and presents. The only things we do not provide are the party supplies (cake, utensils, etc.). If you’d like to have pizza ordered to our range on the day of our party, that’s fine! We do not have a freezer, however, so ice cream cakes are not recommended.


Do you have summer camps available for kids?

Yes! Call (214) 960-4088 to book. Look for our Amazon deal if you are not already a member.

 We also recommend our Intro to Archery class (single session, held on Wednesdays at 6 p.m. and Saturdays at 11 a.m. every week; all equipment is provided by us).

This is a good way to get started with archery, and can be followed up with either our Archery 101 class or private lessons.


I have a crossbow. Can I shoot it at your range?

Only at the Walnut Hill indoor range and Elm Fork or National Shooting Complex outdoor ranges. You must be a member to shoot a crossbow at our range. The public can book a crossbow private lesson.


Who can I contact about the crossbow courses?

Bob Barnette conducts the crossbow courses and you may reach him at .


I noticed you offer training for Boy Scout Archery Merit badges. Is there also Girl Scout Archery Merit Badge training?

For the Girl Scout Archery merit badge, we can bring in the instructor who trains the Girl Scouts. We typically do badge training on Saturday mornings before the range opens to the public. If this is something you’d like to do, please let us know and we can make the arrangements! To book BSA merit badge contact


My kids want to get started with archery. How do you suggest introducing them to the sport?

The best way to start is with Discover Archery for fun, held daily each hour for $10 …just walk in to the indoor ranges, Saturdays 9-noon at the outdoor ranges. We also have Intro to Archery class (with the goal of receiving range qualification), which is held on Saturday mornings at 11 a.m., and Wednesdays at 6 p.m. The cost is $15 (cash only).

No reservation is required and we provide all equipment. Please note: You cannot proceed to Archery 101 until you have passed Intro to Archery.

We can also schedule private lessons, which afford some flexibility, time-wise. Private lessons are $35/hr during the week and $45 on the weekend. The equipment is provided by us. Private lessons are scheduled based on instructor availability.


I’m interested in coming to the range to shoot. How much does that cost and do I need to bring any equipment? Do I need to make a reservation?

You may stop by our indoor ranges during normal business hours. Saturdays 9am-noon at the outdoor ranges. It is $20 per person for two hours of shooting. We provide all equipment and no reservation is necessary. If you have your own equipment, it is $10 range fee.


How do I go about setting up private lessons for either my child or myself?

We are happy to set up archery lessons! We forward your request to our instructor base, and they contact you directly regarding scheduling lessons. Lessons are $35/hr on weekdays and $45/hr on weekends. To book contact


I am interested in Archery classes for either myself or my child. Do we need to sign up for the Discover Archery class in advance, and/or the Intro to Archery classes on Saturdays?  Are the Archery 101/201/301 both adult and child at the same time? We both want to go through the advancement process, and it would be nice to be able to do it at same time.

We’ll have you both start with the Intro to Archery class ($15 per person) so that you may each receive your Range Qualification. No sign-up is necessary! We hold this class on Saturdays at 11 a.m. and Wednesdays at 6 p.m at the indoor ranges.

When you receive your Range Qualification, you each also receive a $15 discount for the 101 class, at which point, you are then qualified to join.

From there, you may sign up at our front desk to continue our Learning Path with Archery 101. The fee is $125 per person for the 101 class.

You and your child may attend the 101 classes, which you are required to attend a minimum of three times a month. These sessions will be offered three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:00 p.m.).


How old does my child have to be to begin the Learning Path for Archery 101/201/301?

We recommend that your child be age 9 or above.


I took your Intro to Archery class and didn’t earn Range Qualification. I got a card that says, Oops! Try Again. What does this mean?

If you fail to earn your range certification, this try again card offers a $5 discount off their next Intro the Archery class and they may reattempt to earn the qualification. You cannot proceed to Archery 101 until you have passed Intro to Archery.


I took your Intro to Archery class and got a card with a green star on it. What does this mean?

This Green Star card means you successfully completed your Intro to Archery class and you have earned your range certification. If you wish to continue on to the 101 class, you may bring in this card and receive a $15 discount off their first class fee.


What materials do I receive for joining the Archery 101 class?

For the Archery 101 class, each student will receive a 101 student guide, a Learning Path handout outlining the Green-Purple-Gray Star Pins, worksheets, and a Team Practice weekly schedule.


I’ve advanced from Archery 101 to Archery 201. What materials will I receive?

Students continuing on to Archery 201 receive a TAG book, Learning Path handout for the White Star Pin, a stretches and warm-ups guide, a glossary of terms, and a link to resources for additional information.


What is a Star Pin achievement award?

A Star Pin award is earned after successfully completing a level within the Archery 101/201/301 courses. Students start by earning their Green, and may continue on to earn their Purple, Gray, White, Black, Blue, Red, and Yellow Star Pins.

In order to join the 101 class, you must attend the Intro to Archery course and earn your Range Qualification. You will not need a reservation for the Intro to Archery course. We offer this class on Saturdays at 11 a.m. and Wednesdays at 6 p.m at the indoor ranges. After passing this class, you may sign up and pay for the 101 class.

If each of you already have your Range Certification, you do not need to attend the Intro class. Instead, you may sign up and pay for the June 101 class at the front desk at our indoor ranges at any time.


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