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CANCELLED 2/17/17 Cupid Shoot… Game of Life Rules



Object – earn as many tickets as you can – bid on prizes!

How the Game of Life is played:

You get 10 tickets to start, don’t go broke or the game is over!

Several stations of life await – 1st Date, Tunnel of Love, Car, Prom, Job, Marriage, House, Kids, Poor Farm, Retirement, Millionaire Acres, Fairy Tale Ending… 

Have your picture taken in the Tunnel of Love… (your camera phone is used).

At each station, draw a card for number of arrows you & your partner get to shoot. TOGETHER you hit spaces on the board (target) in order, to progress – earning more tickets, giving up tickets, or stopped to perform a task (“games”).

  • if you draw a King or Queen face card the policeman fines you one ticket for disorderly conduct 
  • draw a Joker, the banker pays you two tickets for being a good citizen.

If you run low on tickets, you may go to the bank for a loan – $5 for 10 more tickets. 

If you run out of tickets, you are BROKE…GAME OVER!

Fairy Tale Ending – You earned lots of tickets and are ready to retire. Drop your tickets in any of the prize buckets to increase your chances of winning that item. 


  • Blue (+1) is life gives you a free Vacation
  • Green (+2) Job promotion, get a Bonus
  • Orange (+1) Challenge position – perform task
  • Red (-1) Ouch life’s little accidents visited you!
  • White (-2) Oops, relationship hardship, go to Couples Therapy (TAG range) Come back after a session to resume game.
  • Black (+2) practice, practice… life rewards you with a little bundle!


Cupid Flyer 2nd

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