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Texas Archery Academy hours:
Open Mon-Fri 3:00pm-8:00pm
Open Sat-Sun 9:00am-6:00pm
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Shooters compete for League Top Score Leader Board, USA Archery individual performance pins, and Cash.

Held at 2pm the last Sunday of Jan-Nov. 

There is a 9 meter line, at 10am, event same day for youth beginners (JOAD pins green, purple, gray only – white and on achieved at 18 meter competition)

Texas Archery Indoor League (TAIL)

presented by Texas Archery Academy

World Archery competition format

Open to ALL shooters!

$20 Youth & Adult Division cash entry fee  ($5 added for credit card payment)

18 Meter Line 2pm start, registration opens at noon

Last Sunday of the month (Jan – Nov)

Dates for 2024:  1/28 2/25 3/31 4/28 5/26 6/30 7/28 8/25 9/29 10/27; 11/24 (TAIL END & Turkey Shoot)

Texas Archery Academy is located at 18325 Waterview Pkwy, Dallas, ground floor of building B

What is TAIL?

The Tournament League has been held the last Sunday of every month Jan – Nov, since 2011 by Texas Archery Academy.

Consists of  30 arrows (10 ends of 3 arrows), World Archery/USA Archery, Indoor event under tournament conditions. Event takes about 2 1/2 hours. Each TAIL offers USAA Star Pin awards based on your individual score and top score/performance recognition, these are awarded directly to participants by TXAA after each event.

This League has multiple purposes:

  1. To build recognition of the indoor shooting format considered the “Sport” of Archery by World Archery/USAA – therefore building financial sponsorship for future scholarships and earnings in Archery.
  2. The events provide consistent tournament experience – an application of a participant’s practice and a talent funnel.
  3. The events are an opportunity for Instructors/Coaches to test their students/teams.
  4. Individuals test their progress under tournament pressure for performance awards (USAA Star Achievement Pins). Similar to a “belt test” benefit in other martial arts. Also there are awards for those to continue participation with prize money at each event.
  5. The events provide a next level of competition segue and awards opportunity for the NASP audience.
  6. An opportunity for JOAD/AAA/NASP clubs to compete regularly and network.


More information on USA Archery tournaments


30 arrows at 18 meters (10 ends of 3 arrows) all at 18 meters. The Green, Purple and Gray JOAD/AA pins may be earned without USA Archery membership. White pin and on require USAA membership. JOAD 9 meter shoot offers Green, Purple and Gray pins only, progress to 18 meters to continue.

The 30 arrows are a qualifier for a bracket shoot off of one end of 3 arrows per bracket. Top 4 scores from each equipment type (regardless of age/gender) proceed to a bracket shoot off, 1st seed vs 4th; 2nd vs 3rd. Winners of the brackets shoot for 1st and 2nd place. Losers of first bracket shoot for 3rd place. $100 prize money pot is split 1st-$50, 2nd-$30, and 3rd-$20.




Youth: Your age as of the beginning of the league, is the age group you shoot in all season.  Yeoman (9 or under), Bowman (10-12), Cub (13-14), Cadet (15-17)

Adults:  Junior (18-20), Senior (21-49), Master (50+)



Equipment divisions of Barebow/Basic Compound (no sights), Recurve (with sights), and Compound (with sights). Arrow shafts at USA Archery events can’t exceed 9.3mm in diameter. Arrow tips/points cannot exceed 9.4mm in diameter.



Target is scored 10-1 points on single face. Three target layout is scored 10-6



Each event is a “Pins Shoot”, individuals may qualify for USA Archery performance Star pins (described at end of page)  based on score (one per TAIL shoot). USAA requires membership to receive White pin level and above. In addition, $100 prize pot  is available in a a shoot-off  in each of the three equipment styles, 18 meters competition. $100 prize money pot is split 1st-$50, 2nd-$30, and 3rd-$20.

TAIL Leader Board replaces our past “SOY” style award. It will be posted as a running high score achieved during the season for both Male and Female (18m only) per the 3 equipment divisions. Highest score recorded is publicly posted at season end and individuals receive honor trophy. Must turn in scorecard to be eligible.

TAIL End is the same 30 arrow format as during the season but without the standard $shoot-off. It is the last opportunity to post the highest Leader Board score. A $50 grocery gift card is awarded to the Family with highest combined score for one adult and one youth (under 18yrs), regardless of equipment division.

Turkey Shoot-off replaces the usual high score shoot-off with a finale everyone gets to participate in! It is a unique “last man standing” format, all participants stand on the line and shoot one arrow at a time. The goal is to stay in as the target gets smaller and smaller each arrow. You miss and you are out! Turkey medals and $100 are awarded per 3 equipment divisions!

What it the Achievement Program?

The Achievement program follows all USA Archery guidelines.  Details are available on the USA archery web site, along with the youth and adult scoring matrix.  Both youth and adults can earn Star Pins for scoring achievements. Each Star Pin is a different color, and each has a successive number of stars on it to represent the increasing challenge in earning that particular award pin. To progress through the achievement program, the archer must earn each pin level in consecutive order, starting with the Green Star pin. Only one pin may be earned per event. The archer must shoot each pin individually, as a separate scoring session. To receive White pin or greater you must be a USA Archery member, membership number is required.

INDIVIDUAL “PINS” competition

TAIL shoots serve as an official USA Archery Star Pin achievement testing and skill evaluation competition for JOAD & AAA programs (see award pins below, must be enrolled in USA Archery program to receive White pin or higher).  You compete against yourself to earn your next Star Pin award.

Enrollment link for USA Archery 

USA Archery Achievement “Star Pins” for JOAD and AAA:


(JOAD level USA Archery Star Pins)



(AAA level USA Archery Star Pins)


In addition to using your score for USA Archery pins, you may use your 30 arrow scores for ARCHERS QUEST rank advancements. Go to to enroll (FREE). The shooting score is only one part of the rank advancement requirements.


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