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Texans Archery Club
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New seminars pending…

  USA Archery Certified Instructor Instructor seminars offered through TXAA:

 Level 1 $100; Level 2 $150. (BSA, GSA, and Archery Camp counselors need only Level 1). Periodically, Level 3 is offered.

August 6, 2016 noon to 6pm at McKinney location Level 1

August 13-14, 2016   8AM-6PM at NRH Level 1 Saturday, Level 2 Sunday

You must attend the Level I or be previously Level 1 Certified to attend the Level 2 seminars.

A USA Archery membership and background check are REQUIRED for L2 and have separate fees. If you are already a member of USA Archery or NFAA, please have your member # handy during class.  Additionally, once your paperwork has gone through at USA Archery, you MUST do the SafeSport Initiative trainings online (free) for USA Archery.

TPWD Hunter Ed at Plano enrollment, contact: (214) 789-9900

July 16, August 27, September 17, October 29

Fulcrum Bow Tech Seminar at NRH

Sunday 9/11, Sunday 10/16, Sunday 11/13


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