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Welcome to the Collin County hunt property!

This is actually on our Texans Archery Club Melissa archery range. You probably have been there. You will need the gate code for entry and to access the lock box for monarch box blind key. Lock box is on fence just inside the gate.
There are two elevated stands, a Monarch box blind, and a tripod. Here is a picture near the tripod area:

It is rare that the animals come out during the day, until hunting season! There is a pipeline easement at the bottom of the property, westside of the pond, that we pull animals to our feeders. The feeders have a couple green lights which intensify with motion. Lots of raccoons out there every night!
The tripod is on the north side of pond about 20 yards from the north feeder. On the south, there is an elevated stand just south of our fence line – these are ambush positions (bait with corn and they will stop) on the entries coming into the property on the pipeline. The south feeder has a monarch box blind about 20 yards away. Opposite behind the feeder is a tall ladder stand for ambushing animals skirting the creek boundary.
Go check them out in the daylight. If you use an elevated stand, please use a harness.
When you want to reserve a hunt, please email me so I can reserve it on the calendar. For safety reasons, please text me at start and finish of hunt, I would love to get any kill pictures too! You will need to hunt in the evenings to avoid any archery range conflict. During hunting season the property is closed Sept-Jan to archery range access, dedicated to all day hunting.
(feeder, elevated stand behind it)
(south elevated stand)
(tripod, but winter makes it more exposed, no problem at night)
Clint Montgomery
(214) 827-7000
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