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Welcome to the Collin County hunt property!


This opportunity uses the Melissa Range during hunting season, we close the range for all day access. Outside of hunting season, we hunt there all year – hunting nights only.

There are two active feeders on property. Best to park up by the house. As you survey the property, the large pond runs north-south. The animals run a pipeline that runs behind the pond for a mile in each direction. There are feeders north and south to attract the game on to our property. Please do not travel more than 100 yards beyond our fence borders There is a box blind on the south, and also two ladder tree stands. On the north side, there is a tripod stand. There are hunting green lights for nocturnal hog hunting.
The picture above is just south of the box blind feeder where game come across the deep river west boundary, from the bedding areas on the other side. There is a ladder stand you can see above the left side of the hogs. This is about 30 yards past our south fence line. Beware this will flood if we get very heavy rains.

There is a green storage barrel for extra corn bags behind this blind. There is a lockbox also for the blind’s door key. Code changes each season.

When you want to reserve a hunt, there is option for two hunters to hunt at the same time, please email me so I can reserve it on the calendar. For safety reasons, please text me at start and finish of hunt, I would love to get any kill pictures too!
Clint Montgomery
(214) 827-7000
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