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Texans Archery Club
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Archery at Elm Fork Shooting Sports Complex!

Texans Archery Club operates all archery ranges and events at Elm Fork. The archery range is located on the northwest corner of the 500 acre Elm Fork Shooting Sports Complex at 10751 Luna Road, Dallas, TX 75220 (  

Public are invited on weekends, range fee $10. Memberships have access W-Sunday when the complex is open. Must have membership card visible on them.



The Elm Fork Shooting Complex offers multiple shooting sports (pistol, rifle, shotgun, and ARCHERY) in one convenient location. The archery range is isolated on the northwest end away from most gun ranges, a sporting clays course is adjacent – so there is gun noise. This is a flood plain, sometimes swampy, with open and forested undeveloped land. Wear appropriate clothing and insect preparation. Most of our areas have gravel walk paths, but be on watch for poison ivy, snakes and critters. Form Wall, Instruction Range, and Practice Range are well groomed. The  3D range is currently closed.


The Elm Fork outdoor archery range is operated by Texans Archery Club

NOTE:  The TAC range at Elm Fork is open to members Wednesday thru Sunday, roughly daylight hours.

Texans Archery Club Director:   Clint Montgomery



Here is a summary of what our Elm Fork ranges include:




Instruction Range

* set in a cool, shady wooded area – nature trail style instruction, before shooting
* Easel-style targets with foam backstop wall behind them
* max shooting distance of 25 yds
* permanent instructional signs with detailed lessons for beginning archers
* picnic tables under pavilion for classes and parties
* gravel surface to prevent muddy conditions


Form Wall

* set in a cool, shady wooded area – if not attending a class, new shooters Range Certify here before accessing other ranges. Range Certification is shooting six arrows from 10 yards at a 12″ target (5 of 6 arrows must hit in target).

* oversized foam-panel wall (12 ft wide, 8 ft tall) for developing shooting form, testing new gear, etc. in safe setting, max shooting distance of 20 yds

* paper tuning rack
* gravel surface to prevent muddy conditions





Practice Range

* targets at distances from 10 – 70 yds
* walk-up shooting platform positioned to shoot 3D targets available for “stump shooting”
* gravel surface to prevent muddy conditions
* picnic tables, bulletin board, archery shed with loaner bows/arrows




Woods Course  



*open full-time (big gravel nature trail), includes regulation 14 lane Field course

* Long lanes set up to handle all level of shooter, featuring multiple targets – fun and challenging setups
* Some targets may be shot from optional stands
* Unlimited ways to vary the setups and use this area!




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