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Tired of doing golf, sporting clays, carnivals or bake sales for your charity fundraiser?

How about we partner up? Try Archery!

Everyone can participate, and at NO COST! Your charity gets 50% of proceeds and Texas Archery Academy 501c3 gets 50%!  Both organizations win!

We have a “Shoot For Dollars” option for your charitable cause:

Your group of 30 participants minimum will have a reserved time, including equipment and basic instruction, to hold an archery fun shoot. Your participants will shoot a target for points (300 max). 30 arrows and 10 yards. It’s a FUN way to do something different in your fundraising activities. Prize for top score!

We provide a sponsorship package before your event. The idea is your participants enroll sponsors, like $1 a point (could be 10 cents a point). Consider a minimum performance of 50 points, so $50. Each participant should have a minimum of 10 sponsors to qualify to shoot. Your goal is to collect a $100 minimum contribution from each participant. $50 to your organization and $50 to TXAA.

So after your shooting event, the participants collect from their sponsors, report in to the organizer, and organizer sends TXAA 50%.

If your school is having a “silent auction”? We now offer an “Archery Day Pass” donation, valued at $150. Good for up to 5 people, equipment and basic instruction included at Texas Archery Academy. To be redeemed within the calendar year of issue during normal operating hours. 

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