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Texans Archery Club
Network of Range Locations     

New member Orientation & Range Duty:

Club Greeter & range helper (indoor ranges) – Greet everyone that enters the facility! Back up the Instructor on duty (wears a blue USA Archery shirt) to help with safety on the ranges, assistance with issuing equipment out, or a birthday party event!… maybe clean a window or sweep a range. This is a 2-4 hour shift on a sign up schedule.

Tournament assistance – Basically the same as above but can be outside also. This is a 4 hour event. An opportunity to see a range and learn about an archery game competition. May need to work the registration desk, be a range monitor, put targets up,,, you will be assigned a job. This is a 2-4 hour shift on a sign up schedule.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Sponsor a Lane ($200) – Advertise your business or recognize your family with a donation! This program sponsors target maintenance and target replacement of one lane at one of our outdoor ranges. First-year annual sponsorship is $200 – we will create a large stone marker with your business logo or family name to place next to your lane. Annual renewal of sponsorship is $150.

Adopt a Lane (FREE) – You are assigned a lane at one of our outdoor ranges to maintain for a year. You will receive a small stone marker with your name on it that will be placed next to your lane. This will require inspecting your lane at least once a month to ensure your lane remains shootable. May require trimming trees branches that could obstruct view; clearing brush or logs that may be in the walking path; ensuring target is shootable – remains standing, possibly replace core if too shot up (TXAA will supply cores); and report any problems or concerns regarding your lane.

Professional Skill Volunteer – Are you in a career field or have a professional skill you think TXAA could benefit from? Let us know! We are always looking for new ideas and opportunities to work with our club members!

Committee Participation – We need experienced folks to help with Public Relations, Fundraising, League Management, Facilities Management, and TEAMS (youth archery team coaching). This is an annual committee position.

Work Party – Are you handy? Just want to break a sweat? Have a kid that needs community service work signed off on? These are physical labor projects at any of our ranges that occur once a month. These projects can include trimming lanes, moving targets, but mostly providing help for special FUN projects! This is usually a 9am-noon Saturday/Sunday with a sign up.

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