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Texans Archery Club
Network of Range Locations     


“Always Be Closing!”

This means to get business, you have to ask for the business. Or for you, always take the opportunity to convert a visitor into a member. Waiting for someone to ask means your not being engaging.

  • Groupon and Intro to Archery participants want to know what we are about. It is the best value in family entertainment! Make sure they know about all the facilities for one membership, that there is loaner equipment included, Intro is FREE to new members, and that there is a Learning Path to help develop them as archers.
  • Do you see someone making mistakes (possibly safety issues), consistent errors (patterns of arrows just not quite right – notice their anchor, eye dominance…). Suggest small corrections.
  • Anyone getting hurt? Probably the arm is getting slapped (elbow rotation) or fingers getting fatigued. Let’s suggest the free safety equipment like “the very fashionable ladies accessory we have… an arm guard”.
  • Did they have fun? Do they intend to come back? Suggest membership
  • Are members meeting each other? Introduce them! Besides safety, member retention is a major goal! If they are around friends, enjoy the facilities, perceive membership to be a terrific value – membership sells itself!
  • Can’t answer a question or have a difficult customer? The Directors are ready to help!

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