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Texans Archery Club
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Company Overview

Welcome to Texas Archery Academy (TXAA) the community outreach of Texans Archery Club (TAC). Collectively a non profit 501c3 organization. We are excited that you have joined our team!

Texans Archery Club is a descendant of Texins Archery Club  (an employee club of Texas Instruments that began in the 1960’s). The leadership of Texans Archery Club realized over the years that there was a need for a “consistent teaching environment” and public access to archery was declining. Early 2011,  Clint Montgomery (former club president) and  Tony Fontana (JOAD program youth coordinator),  personally founded Texas Archery Academy as a non profit archery training school, eventually merging with Texans Archery Club as it’s membership.

Texans Archery Club has become the largest Archery club in the state of Texas. Today we currently have over 10,000 members throughout Texas and continue to grow through the developmental efforts of Texas Archery Academy. Additional ranges and programs have been combined in a statewide marketing campaign…this invites the public to try archery and supports the state’s growth of archery infrastructure.



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