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Texans Archery Club
Network of Range Locations     

Hosted by: Texans Archery Club
Host Location: Texas Archery Academy

February 19-20, 2022 10AM start


SHOOTING TIMES:  Friday 5PM, Saturday 10AM and 2PM, Sunday 10AM and 2PM

COST: $50 for 17+ ; $35 for 16 and under.

More information on USA Archery tournaments

FORMAT (2022)

Competitors may register to shoot two line times.
120 total arrows are shot over two days. Each line time completes 60 arrows at 18 meters on a 40 centimeter face. Ends are three arrows. 
Competitors may designate a JOAD or Collegiate club affiliation. Best five 120 arrow scores from a club’s registered members will be compared for a JOAD and Collegiate tournament trophy.  Must be three clubs in a bracket to award the trophy. 
Equipment styles are Barebow, Compound-sights and Recurve-sights.
  • Target face options: Barebow archers may shoot at a single spot target. Recurve-sights and Compound-sights will shoot a vertical three spot.
  • Limited open practice on the day of the event and each line time will have three ends of official practice before scoring.
  • There will be no authorized access for coaches beyond the spectator area.
  • Yeoman – (9 and under)
  • Bowman – (10-12)
  • Cub – (13-14)
  • Cadets –  (15-17)
  • Juniors – (18-20)
  • Seniors – (21-49) participants may compete as a senior at any age they wish.
  • Masters – (50+)


  • Recognition award for the overall top 120 arrow score achieved.
  • All age divisions, equipment styles, and male/female are awarded medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winners.
  • Para Division offered in Recurve and Compound for an age class with 5+ similar participants.

Competitors who want to earn NRS Points for USAT qualification must be U.S. Citizens, and a current member of USA Archery.


An arrow consists of a shaft with a tip (point), nocks, fletching and, if desired, cresting. The maximum diameter of arrow shafts shall not exceed 9.3mm (arrow wraps shall not be considered as part of this limitation as long they do not extend further than 22cm toward the point of the arrow when measured from the throat – nock hole where the string sits – of the nock to the end of the wrap); the tips (points) for these arrows may have a maximum diameter of 9.4mm. All arrows of every athlete shall be marked with the athlete’s name or initials on the shaft. All arrows used in any end shall be identical visually.

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