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Texans Archery Club
Network of Range Locations     


LEARN – Tuning equipment & help archery community
Paper tuning concepts
bow tuning concepts
become an archery instructor or range master
participate in a national event tournament
SHOOT – 25M/50M score 210+ (photo on location of national tournament with official scorecard)


become a NATIONAL CERTIFIED archery instructor or youth program certified range master
participate in a national archery tournament event



While participating in a REGIONAL OR NATIONAL TOURNAMENT or certified by a group of 3 shooters of MASTER level or above.
You will need your official scorecard certified by an adult witness.
Once you have shot and tallied your scorecard, they will sign off as evidence it was performed.
Then you shoot a digital picture of you and them holding the scorecard – this photo is emailed in.
SHOOT – This is the fun stuff! Every award in the ARCHERS QUEST progression is shot at a standard distance at each level. You will shoot 30 arrows (usually six ends or 5 arrows) for a potential max score of 300 points! You need 210 or more to pass to the next level. You may choose to shoot the indoor or outdoor (or both) to qualify. You may be anxious about how to fill out the scorecard, but the counselor will be happy to help.

One of the unique things about this program is that it anticipates your evolution in skill and equipment. Right now, you may be borrowing a simple barebow from a program, say summer camp. You will be shooting outdoors mostly, but later you may be shooting a NASP program at school indoors with standard Genesis equipment. No problem. As you move through venue and equipment, we have a plan. The target size stays the same depending on equipment used (barebow-largest target, pin sights on a bow- smaller target, advanced bows with scope sights-get handi-capped with a tiny target… but everyone shoots from the same distance indoors or outdoors. Distances get longer (harder) as the program continues!

25M indoors/50M outdoors score 210+
Barebow 80cm target/122cm target, standard World Archery 5-color ring target
Pins 60cm/80cm
Open 40cm/60cm
(add picture of a completed scorecard)
(need printable QUEST CARD with scorecard on it)

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