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Texans Archery Club
Network of Range Locations     

1) Registration can be completed via cash, check, or credit card in person at any of our Texas Archery Academy indoor locations.

Membership includes multiple archery property venues (Ranges) under the management of Texans Archery Club/Texas Archery Academy. This includes outdoor and indoors, and future range venues to be added. Each location has posted operating hours. For complete information about the club, please visit our website,,, or The general public may use these ranges during posted public access operating times by paying a $10/day/person range fee, agreeing to a liability waiver and range safety rules, and shooting a range certification at 10 yards before accessing the main ranges.

TAC does not assume any liability for you or anyone else on the ranges, please understand this and use common sense. Your application is your agreement of a Waiver of Liability. You will be required to observe all range safety rules as posted at the range or website.

2) Membership is for a calendar year from the time you join. You may join as an Individual (Adult/Junior) or Family.  Family household discount is first adult full price and 50% for additional family members (5 people max). Children 9 and younger are free with Family membership.

Adult is age 18 and older. Junior is age 10 through 17. All Juniors under age 16 are required to be in the company of a parent/guardian 18 years or older when at the range. 

Full access membership:  all indoor and outdoor ranges is $120 Adult/$60 Junior/Family $120+$60 per additional. No range fees, and free loaner equipment at indoor ranges

Limited access membership:  outdoor ranges only, and passport privilege to indoors (50% off public range fee, no loaner equipment) is $60 Adult (Juniors allowed only under a Family membership). Family is $60+$30 per additional.

Adult members only, may bring guests (limit two per visit). Guests are under your supervision, and responsibility – the discounted guest fee per shooter is $5 range fee, does not include equipment. Members and guests must sign in to the ranges each visit (for safety reasons).

3) New members may shoot on the ranges after reviewing the New member’s Orientation Packet available online, receiving a membership ID card, to be picked up at TXAA, and becoming range certified by shooting a proficiency test at 10 yards, or attending an Intro to Archery Class ($10 per shooter) – this is the first step in a Learning Path we have to assist new member’s fundamental archery development. 4) Members are requested to contribute one hour of service to the club/archery community per calendar year at an organized activity (such as a tournament, function or work party), conduct themselves responsibly, contribute to projects to improve the club/facilities, and attend club meetings and events. Any ideas, resources, and equipment you can contribute are always welcome. Membership can be revoked by vote of the governing officers.

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