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Welcome to the Morris County hunt property! There are two separate hunting properties we have in Morris County.

This is Morris-G. It has #3 and #4 hunting sites.

This opportunity is available year round. This is a little over a 2 hour drive from Dallas. The property is located just south of Daingerfield, TX. This is straight out I-30 in the direction of Texarkana. You can turn off at Mt. Pleasant or further at 259. In Daingerfield there are groceries, gas, restaurants, and the property owner Greer Farm offers cabins just down the road. Perfect if you want to bring your family on an adventure! Rates are $120 M-Th, $180 weekends. (You are maybe .2 miles from our hunting property). DO NOT camp on the hunting property. 

Just around the corner from the Greer Farm property is this intersection and below is our Hunt Club gated entrance. 

This property is around 60 acres with several cut roads. After opening the gate, drive up the road from the gate a couple hundred yards to the main clearing. It is a hilltop with a big fallen tree. Below the tree is #3 feeder and hunting positions, a tripod and ground blind.

You will see a corn storage barrel and harvest dolly as you enter the main clearing. The big fallen tree is behind the barrel. To the right of the barrel are two roads that merge together into hunting area #4 pictured below. It currently has a popup ground blind. A tree stand will be added soon.

Both hunting positions will have hog lights for 24hr hunting. This property enables spot and stalk exploring, should you desire.  Animal traffic is all day, traditional morning and dusk hunts for deer. Recommend you put a bait pile of corn exactly where you want to shoot them. There is a game cart again in the main clearing next to the corn barrel to assist you with transport needs.

The ranch manager to the north is Barry Warren (903) 249-7042. Text him if you have an emergency or need to cross a fence line, he knows all the neighbors. Barry is also in the Hunt Club and one of the Directors of Texans Archery Club.

There is a local game processor within about 5 miles:

Johnson Wild Game Processing (903) 767-3821

4942 FM 2348 Mt. Pleasant, TX 75455

When you want to reserve a hunt, there is option for two hunters to hunt at the same time, please email me so I can reserve it on the calendar. For safety reasons, please text me at start and finish of hunt, I would love to get any kill pictures too!

Special Note: The White Oak Creek WMA type 2 property is located just south of I-30 along 259. This is 25,000 acres of public hunting land that might offer you additional hunting opportunity. Here is the map link:

Clint Montgomery

(214) 827-7000

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