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Youth and Adults

SYWAT Indoor – Shoot Your Way Across Texas
This is a state wide “league” held primarily during the winter (November – February). Tournaments are hosted by various shops or clubs around the state. Any archer can compete in the events but you must be a NFAA/TFAA Member to compete for the SYWAT Aggregate/Tour Champion award. N.F.A.A. divisions and shooting styles will be in effect.

What: A group of adults and youth who would like to participate in the SYWAT tournaments as part of a team. (Experienced coaching, help with bow setup and tuning, assistance with arrow selection)

When: We will have team practices with coaching on Saturdays, 9-11:00am. Tournament dates will be sent to team; shooting times are Sat or Sun 10:00am and 2:00pm. Team members are encouraged to participate in as many events as they can attend; there are 21 locations. To shoot at the State Championship in Waco you must shoot in at least 3 events. We would like to go to the State Championship as a group.

Who: You of Course. Anyone who is interested in learning and participating in archery tournaments. This is ideal for Adults and Youth. All styles of archery are supported.

How: If you or your child wants to participate, send an email to with your name, age, email, and phone. Feel free to ask any questions you might have.

How Much Does It Cost: $40 for a team shirt (Nice with collar), and the first two practices. Additional practices will be $5, to pay for facilities and coaching. Each person is responsible for their own tournament fees.

Awards: TFAA provides awards as described on their web site. The academy will have some additional awards based on outstanding achievements during the target series.

Requirements: You must have your own equipment. All skill levels are welcome. You will learn all about tournament rules, strategies etc…. during practices.
For information on age divisions and styles, check out:

Male and Female are separate divisions.
Recognized shooting styles for Junior Division archers shall be only the following styles:

NFAA Young Adult, Youth, Cub:
18 and up
Young Adult
15 – 17
12 – 14
Under 12

Tournament Details:
60 Arrows total, 5 Arrow ends, 12 ends, 4 minutes per end, using a 40cm single or five spot target.
Scoring is 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 from the spot out. X-rings shall be counted and used as tie breakers and are considered part of the official score.


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