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The FITA target is the standard World Archery target. This is considered the SPORT of Archery competition target used across the world in international competitions and in the Olympics. It is used both indoors and in outdoor competitions.

NASP JOAD How to score


































Competitions indoor are held at 10 meters, 15 meters, 18 meters, and 25 meters. These are normally 30-60 arrow formats, target is scored the same. Outdoors distances can go to 90 meters but the target is scored the same.








Field Archery games:

Competitions are held inside and outside. The indoor game consists of 60 arrows shot at 20 yards (10 yards for younger ages). Archers may choose either a 5-spot target (used for advanced shooters – one arrow per target) or a single target (allows all 5 arrows to be shot at one target).  In Texas, pro shops host a series of competitions called SYWAT (Shoot Your Way Across Texas) sponsored by Texas Field Archery Association.







TFAA How to Score

Outdoor Field games are played on a roving course and mostly consist of 14 standard distance lanes, shot twice for competition. They are Field (black and white ring target) and Hunter (black face with white center). There is also an Animal round which predates the use of 3D targets. It uses paper animal targets (most modern competitions utilize the 3D target in replacement of the paper targets).

Field and Hunter shoot 4 arrows at 28 targets from known distance markers. Animal rules are flexible to the hosting competition but mostly score 10-8-5.











3D Archery games:

Competitions are held on outdoor courses of a variety of design and layout. Usually the score is based on shooting 30 different targets, one arrow each target. Several organizations shoot 3D competitions and have their own scoring nuance, but basically follow 10 points for the heart, 8 for the lungs, and 5 for hit outside the vitals. Some are geared more for the hunter and allow for negative points for wounding the animal!


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IBO How to score

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