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Texans Archery Club
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TEXAS CUP – JUNE 15, 2024  10AM start

Hosted by: Texans Archery Club


Address Map Link: 

Franklin Stadium: Local Weather Conditions
Concessions onsite

Registration has not yet opened for this event

Set up 8AM, tournament start 10AM

Entry fee $50 – this is electronically invoiced for payment to confirm your reservation. No walk up entries/payments.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

More information on USA Archery tournaments

FORMAT (2024)

A World Cup format of 72 arrows qualifier round (6 arrow ends, 4 minutes/end) held outdoors. Top 8 scores from Compound, Barebow and Recurve equipment progress to an Olympic Round match play. Minimum of 8 participants per equipment style for match play. 
Olympic Round – Top 8 archers progress into a bracket match play (ie. 8vs1, 7vs2, 6vs3, 5vs4) to yield 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placements for money. Money pot of $500 per equipment style, split: 1st (50%), 2nd (30%), 3rd (20%). Match play is 5 ends of 3 arrows for compound with highest cumulative score advancing. For Recurve and Barebow, goal is first archer to win 6 points in their match, achieved by each 3 arrow end’s score – 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie. As tournament registration grows in the future the brackets will grow to 16-32-64 shooters.


  • All compound archers & Barebow – 50 meters

  • Recurve Cadet & Masters – 60 meters

  • Recurve Junior & Senior – 70 meters

These are the only distances available, participants must be able to consistently hit their target, time constraint for arrow retrieval.

Recurve and Barebow will use a 122cm target. Compound uses a 6-ring 80cm. Four archers per target bale.


  • Cadets – (15-17).

  • Juniors – (18-20).

  • Seniors – (21-49).

  • Masters –(50+).


  • Recognition award for the overall top Qualifier score achieved.
  • All brackets are awarded medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winners based on qualifier score. Must have a minimum of 10 participants in a bracket.
  • Match play is for money pot of $500 for each of the three equipment styles split: 1st (50%), 2nd (30%) and 3rd placements (20%).

Separate brackets for:

  • Cadet Male C, R, B; Cadet Female C, R, B

  • Junior Male C, R, B; Junior Female C, R, B

  • Senior Male C, R, B; Senior Female C, R, B

  • Masters Male C, R, B; Masters Female C, R, B

Competitors are may be eligible to earn World Archery Target Awards.


An arrow consists of a shaft with a tip (point), nocks, fletching and, if desired, cresting. The maximum diameter of arrow shafts shall not exceed 9.3mm (arrow wraps shall not be considered as part of this limitation as long they do not extend further than 22cm toward the point of the arrow when measured from the throat – nock hole where the string sits – of the nock to the end of the wrap); the tips (points) for these arrows may have a maximum diameter of 9.4mm. All arrows of every athlete shall be marked with the athlete’s name or initials on the shaft. All arrows used in any end shall be identical visually.

Texas Cup 2021 Results

**Updated results

Olympic Recurve Cadet Female
#1 Julie Williams 522
#2 Lydia Murphy 511

Olympic Recurve Jr Male
#1 Dylan Oblander — 581

Olympic Recurve Jr Female
#1 Adrianna Hoang -444
#2 Abigale Reed— 373
#3 Maia Cabrasawan— 83

Olympic Recurve SR Male
#1 Joel Haro— 610
#2 Finis Jordan— 468

Olympic Recurve Sr Female
#1 Clara Maness— 503

Olympic Recurve Masters Male
#1 Yang Lai

Barebow Jr Male
#1 Devan Patel— 368

Barebow Sr Male
#1 Lev Gelb—540
#2 Walter Kicinski—511
#3 Carl Cordero —445

Compound Cadet Female
#1 Bayli Honeycutt— 665
#2 Shreema Vijayakumar— 597
#3 Norah Bowling— 579
#4 Melody Jiang — 547

Compound Cadet Male
#1 Nathan Jackson— 540
#2 Joseph Almarez— 625
#3 Nimit Vij— 602
#4 Jacob Reed— 324
#5 Konner Hardy— 9

Compound Jr Female
#1 Leia Jiang— 608

Compound Sr Female
#1 Chalyn Weaver— 594

Compound Sr Male
#1 Connor Sears— 690
#2 Jason Swann— 620
#3 Devin Oblander — 602
#4 Nick Greenberg— 594
#5 Brian Mincher— 572
#6 Domingo Vallari—492

Money Shoot Results

Olympic Recurve
#1 Dylan Oblander $250
#2 Joel Haro $150
#3 Yang Lai $100

#1 Connor Sears $250
#2 Bayli Honeycutt $150
#3 Jason Swann $100

There were not enough Barebow shooters for the money, but they participated in the eliminations.

#1 Carl Cordero
#2 Lev Gelb
#3 Walter Kicinski

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