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Texans Archery Club
Network of Range Locations     

To apply for team sponsorship, please contact

TXAA’s Team sponsorship requirements:

  • Must be a registered program (JOAD,AAA,NASP,S3DA,COLLEGIATE).
  • Must have one USAA level 3+ coach. 
  • All team coaches and members are active TAC members. 
  • Team is 10 participants minimum,  and the roster must be registered with TXAA. 
All participants of any sponsored team’s reserved workouts need to be TAC members – no guests or public invites allowed to participate. 

Team sponsorship benefits:

One reserved range FREE per week at TXAA for team practice, to be scheduled during a “low use time”. One 20 yard range will be available. Additional range or workouts are $75 per session. No team practices in Shooter Clubs without prior authorization. No outdoor range team practices without prior authorization. TXAA loaner equipment will be available for these teams. Minor must have parent in attendance outside of workouts if under 16yrs. 

Coaches may give private lessons to their registered team members (without monthly instructor fee to TXAA) during official practice only. Outside of practice, instructor pays normal monthly fee outlined in the Instructor Agreement. 

Teams may provide a 4’x8’ banner for display in TXAA FREE.
TXAA will give participants in sponsored team uniform $5 off TAIL entry fee.

Team sponsorship obligations:

There will be no informal “meet up’s” where a team takes over a range. Teams will no longer provide novice intro sessions, TXAA programs will deliver this start for newcomers with Intro to Archery class and proceed to a proficiency requirement  in our Leaning Path to be able to “try out” for a team. If an instructor wants to help the new shooters develop, they are encouraged to get involved with the Learning Path offerings intended to be a feeder system to enable teams. 
TXAA will provide artwork for its logo, for team uniform shirts.  This shirt will display the logo on right sleeve. Uniform shirts are to be worn at all official practices and competitions.

Teams will participate in the monthly TAIL shoots (minimum 2 shoots per season). TXAA will give participants in sponsored team uniform $5 off TAIL entry fee. USAA pins will be awarded through monthly TAIL shoots. 

Team members will have an advancement goal based on USAA pins and Archers Quest (one advancement per year is required).

Teams will host/run one official sanctioned tournament like a SYWAT  (no entry fee split) or a fundraising event with TXAA per year (Spook Shoot, Cupid Shoot, etc).  Entry fees for a Fun Shoot or a Tournament of their own design, will be split 50/50 with the sponsored team and TXAA.
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