MEMBERS Enjoy our network of indoor and outdoor ranges, including our SHOOTERS CLUBS (24hr access indoor ranges). Choose an annual membership level that suits you.

Membership options include outdoor ranges only, or all indoor and outdoor ranges (including Shooters Club indoor locations 24 hour access). NEW members pay a $30 initiation fee (new member materials). How to save the $30 between 1/1/18 and 4/1/18. All members are asked to volunteer at least an hour each year in the service of the club or archery community. We are looking for stable membership willing to help archery grow and contribute to it’s sustainability.  New Membership cost: (includes $30 application for new memberships)

Adult (18yrs+) is $90, renew for $60/yr – blue membership card. Outdoor Ranges Only (One adult – may bring family members (spouse and children under 18yrs old) in same household supervised by that adult card holder, no minors alone. No loaner equipment available. No Shooters Club access. Pay normal public range fees at the Academy).

Adult (18yrs+) is $150, renew for $120/yr  – red membership card. All indoor and outdoor ranges (including Shooters Club indoor locations 24 hour access).  No range fees and free loaner equipment at the Academy.

Family membership is $270, renew for $240/yr – green membership card. All indoor and outdoor ranges (including Shooters Club indoor locations 24 hour access)    A Family includes two adults and any children under 18yrs who live in the same householdNo range fees and free loaner equipment at the Academy.

Membership is in Texans Archery Club. The club sponsors the Texas Archery Academy as our community outreach – to make Archery accessible. This is not a retail business, but a non-profit club. The management of the affairs of this non-profit corporation is vested in its Board of Directors. The dues-paying members of Texans Archery Club are classified as non-voting members with no right of participation in the governance of the non-profit corporation.

Texans Archery Club membership: 

(Dues are paid annually, there are NO range fees, and the Academy offers FREE loaner equipment)

Renewals are processed through an online link emailed prior to annual expiration


New Membership Payment link (includes initiation)

Membership is limited, so may not be available from time to time until a vacancy opens. Waiting list is available. Membership can be denied or revoked, and not allowed to rejoin.  Annual dues are prepaid and NOT REFUNDABLE. Memberships expired more than 90 days are subject to reapplying. Range certification for safety is required of all new shooters. A gift of membership must be via a gift card – memberships must be applied for directly.

 There is no minor membership. Only adults may apply for membership.



Membership privileges and requirements:

  • The club offers multiple archery property venues (Ranges) under the management of Texans Archery Club/Texas Archery Academy.  Membership also includes no cost loaner equipment at the Academy indoor range. Access to our Shooters Clubs (24hr access) is granted to an adult member only.  Any minors in a family membership would need to be with the parent. 
  • New members may shoot on the ranges after reviewing the Safety Video, Orientation, and receiving membership materials. All shooters will need to achieve “range certification” prior to access to some ranges – by shooting a proficiency test at 10 yards, or attending an Intro to Archery Class (free to new members) – this is the first step in a Learning Path we have to assist new member’s fundamental archery development.
  • Only Adult and Family memberships may use the ranges.  All minors are required to be in the company of a parent when at the ranges. Ages 16 and older may use the Texas Archery Academy indoor range unaccompanied by an adult, but no Shooters Clubs or outdoor ranges.
  • Members may bring a guest to some of the ranges. Your guest is under your supervision, and responsibility – the discounted guest fee per shooter is $5 range fee, does not include equipment. Members and guests must sign into the ranges each visit (for safety reasons). One guest per member, per visit please. No guests allowed in SHOOTERS CLUB locations.

TAC/TXAA does not assume any liability for you or anyone else on the ranges, please understand this and use common sense. Your application is your agreement of a Waiver of Liability. You will be required to observe all range safety rules as posted at the range or website.

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