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Texans Archery Club
Network of Range Locations     

Want to shoot a bow… WHERE?!

Let’s build Archery access and infrastructure!

We solicit charitable donations of any size

These are the needs:

1) We are looking for land to sponsor/develop outdoor ranges.

2) Need donations and land partners to help develop a network of indoor ranges in urban markets for 24hr Shooters Clubs. 


Shooters Club proposal pdf

3) Need donations to provide equipment for public access and educational programs.

WHY? – Help future generations to have Archery access.


… and develop Archery as a true “SPORT” with college scholarships and professional career.


The OnTarget Fund is composed of individual donations, events like the North Texas Giving day, and charitable gifts in the form of Donor Advised Funds, Foundation Grants, and Legacy Giving (ie. assets from wills, IRAs, insurance policies, and major financial gifts). Our membership dues sustain our operations. The OnTarget Fund allows us capital to provide more access!

Texans Archery Club & Texas Archery Academy  

non-profit 501(c)3

…more on our story (video link)

Participating in


What is North Texas Giving Day?

North Texas Giving Day is Communities Foundation of Texas’ annual 18-hour online giving extravaganza for North Texas nonprofits that is powered by creative nonprofits, social media activism, area wide collaboration, and of course you!

North Texas Giving Day’s goal is to help build awareness and support for nonprofits in the North Texas region.

Since 2009, Communities Foundation of Texas’ North Texas Giving Day has pumped more than $156 million, for over 2,500 local nonprofits, into the North Texas Community. In 2016, $37 million was raised through more than 142,000 gifts benefiting 2,518 nonprofits.


Other sponsorship opportunities


Want another archery range in your area? HELP FIND IT! We will build it!

Ask your local mayor/park system director; solicit the donation of underutilized land/old tennis courts/buildings; or contribute to our OnTarget Fund. We are committed to building a network of infrastructure to support Archery access!

We are also able to financially sponsor an independent range offering reciprocal access. GRANTS


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