Charitable Fundraising?

If your school is having a “silent auction”? We now offer an “Archery Day Pass” donation, valued at $150. Good for up to 5 people, equipment and basic instruction included at Texas Archery Academy. To be redeemed within the calendar year of issue during normal operating hours. 

Contact  Clint@TexasArchery.info

Organize a group to support your favorite charity – Shoot for $’s – charitable joint fundraiser (click here)

SPONSORSHIP – Outdoor lanes $150/yr
(2’x3′ metal sign or engraved stone advertising your business) includes sign production. Digital name recognition on our website Sponsors list.


SPONSORSHIP – Indoor lane sponsor $500-$250/yr

(4×8 banner in arena line/baffles above targets) you provide banner.


The OnTarget Fund is composed of individual donations, events like the North Texas Giving day, and charitable gifts in the form of Donor Advised Funds, Foundation Grants, and Legacy Giving (ie. assets from wills, IRAs, insurance policies, and major financial gifts). Our membership dues sustain our operations. The OnTarget Fund allows us capital to provide more access! Designated projects may offer name recognition.

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