Texas Archery – Texans Archery Club & Texas Archery Academy (501c3)

Texas Archery – Texans Archery Club & Texas Archery Academy (501c3)

August & September OUTDOOR LEAGUE – Bowhunter Tune Up  (Fun Shoot) Thursday evenings, start when you get off work – Outdoor survival course with hunting scenarios. Carry 3 arrows only (with hit or miss scoring, bonus points and miss penalties). Barebow get handicap. Players may buy up to two arrows back for misses ($5 mulligan).  The evening costs $10 members, $15 non. Survive the course, participate in $pot shoot down. Earn raffle chance each evening for league prizes (hunts/gear)! Held at Hamilton Park outdoor range 5:30pm –

HUNTER RUMMAGE SALE 8/25/19 (Sunday 9-5, during TAIL)

TXAA will set up tables in the back room to liquidate some excess equipment, used bows and targets, at bargain prices. Members are invited to clear out their closets of hunting gear/sporting equipment. Display for free and keep all sale proceeds. $5 entry to Rummage Sale

North Texas Giving Day 9/19/19

 What our needs are, and why it is worth your donation:  http://texasarchery.info/ontargetfund




30,000sf indoor training facility

(community outreach of Texans Archery Club 501c3)                                                                   

600 Accent Dr, #B Plano, TX 75075




Open to public – Tue-Fri 3:00pm-8:00pm; Sat-Sun 9:00am-6:00pm    

Gift cards may only be purchased in person at the front counter


Texas Archery Indoor League (TAIL)  
Monthly World Archery tournament series culminating with TAIL END event in November    

Texans Archery Club & Texas Archery Academy (501c3) – Executive Director: Clint Montgomery Clint@TexasArchery.info Press & Articles Sponsorship opportunities – invest in building archery infrastructure in TEXAS!

Want to shoot a bow? …. We provide access to Archery!   2019 GOAL

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