Texans Archery Club & Texas Archery Academy (501c3)

Texans Archery Club & Texas Archery Academy (501c3)

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Want to shoot a bow? …. We provide access to Archery!

…indoor training centers, multiple outdoor ranges, classes, loaner equipment, birthday parties… all for one affordable membership!

Maybe you have seen our billboards or GIANT ARROWS around the state? This is to attract attention to Archery and invite 2,000,000 new participants!

We are promoting the growth of Archery infrastructure in Texas… by developing visitor traffic and financial assistance (club grants and youth equipment/scholarship programs), building or sponsoring additional ranges, creating a statewide instructor network, and providing education programs for the next generation of archer… the goal is sustainable archery participation.  Download the FREE App for more access to archery information in Texas!

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Capital campaign to purchase TXAA-San Antonio indoor range (June – September)

Assistance to fund retrofit to LED lighting at Plano indoor range

TXAA indoor training centers: Locations
Open Tue-Fri Noon-8:00pm (public invited)
Open Sat-Sun 9:00am-6:00pm (public invited)

Our FREE App to provide information on Archery resources available to you in Texas!

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Help us introduce archery to more people by donating to the ON TARGET FUND!   


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