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Bowhunting University (BHU) is a Texas Archery Academy (TXAA) developed program focused on educating bowhunters, preparing them for success in the field, and helping arrange more opportunities to go bowhunting. 

Our goal is to provide an educational path to develop bowhunters.

While many of the BHU class offerings are custom-developed by TXAA, we also offer the formal Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD) Hunter Education and IBEP Bowhunter Education certification classes. As well as, we help introduce youth to outdoor adventures with Explore Bowhunting, a program developed by the Archery Trade Association (ATA).

BHU consists of Core courses, Shooting  events and Specialty seminars, designed to fit the needs of hunters at all levels of experience.  Not only does BHU offer educational opportunities, but we actually help arrange opportunities for you to go hunt!  We partner with organizations like the Texas Youth Hunting Program (video on program) and TPWD (youth hunt requirements) to offer mentored bowhunting opportunities for youth ages 12-17.


To qualify for our archery hunts, Youth applicants (age 12-17) must have as a minimum:

  • Hunter Education
  • Youth Bowhunting Clinic
  • Proficiency Shoot

Adults have opportunity to participate in Club arranged hunts and urban hunt opportunities as part of the Texans Archery Club “SWAT” team.  Adult applicants must have as a minimum:

  • Hunter Education
  • IBEP Bowhunter Education
  • SWAT School
  • Proficiency Shoot

While the main focus of BHU is group classes, customized private instruction/training may also be arranged for everything from “routine” Texas hunts for deer or hogs, to out-of-state hunts for other big game, or even hunts in extreme weather.  For further questions: 

 Core Courses:


Explore Bowhunting  – created by the Archery Trade Association to spark an interest and passion for bowhunting in today’s youth.


TXAA uses this program to introduce youth to the adventures of being outside… lesson plans to build a foundation for enjoying nature and fundamental hunting skills development – like the “stink test” for understanding wind direction, camo hide and seek, recognizing animal tracks and plants…  We adapt these fun experiences into an outdoor birthday party/group adventure combined with a 3D animal safari.  This is an 1 1/2 hour event perfect for ages 9 -15 (minimum of 10, maximum of 15). Cost is $20/participant. Must have two parents in attendance for group. Instructor will conduct the program and supply the equipment. Parties can enjoy a picnic area afterwards for an hour (must bring own refreshments and clean up).

To book your adventure contact


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Hunter Education – TPWD Requirements:

“Hunter Education provides instruction in Texas hunting regulations, wildlife management and identification, conservation, ethics, firearm and hunting safety and responsibility, and outdoor skills. This course is particularly suited to novice or young hunters. All materials are provided and subjects are covered in depth to enable the student to successfully complete the Hunter Education certification process.”  Over 50,000 Texas youth and adults annually take Hunter Education to qualify for purchase of a hunting license. This can be a two day course, or an online course with a one day “field” portion (includes a skills trail, live firing exercise, ethics presentation, review and final exam). The field course is typically 4 to 6 hours. Archery is included in this curriculum with minor “safety” reference. Minimum age is 9 years.

The cost for this class is $20 at TXAA facilities (includes a $5.00 facility fee in addition to the $15 state mandated fee). State class schedule

TXAA provides the “Field” only portion of Hunter Education (you must complete the online course prior to attending).  Upon completion of the course and passing the written test, the student will receive a temporary certification card on site, and a permanent card will be mailed by from TPWD in 3-6 weeks.

For “Field Day” only – TXAA location enrollment, contact: (214) 789-9900



International Bowhunter Education Program (IBEP)  – (Texas Class Schedule):

A certification program designed and administered by the National Bowhunter Education Foundation (NBEF) to train bowhunters throughout North America and internationally. The ultimate goal of the IBEP is to provide bowhunters, both experienced and new, with the basic fundamentals of good, safe bowhunting while maintaining the highest ethical standards in the sport – instilling  a responsible attitude  towards people, wildlife and the environment in which they hunt. This class grants a certification that is currently required to bowhunt many public lands in many states and many foreign countries. For anyone considering bowhunting, this should be a prerequisite before stepping into the field; and for the seasoned hunter, this opens access to additional hunting opportunities! Minimum age is 12 years.

The class consists of an online course and 4 hours of practical field training, known as the Field Day. TXAA offers the IBEP Field Day class for $50. For further questions: 




Advanced Bowhunting Skills- “SWAT Team School”-   Cost $50 
A “hands on” comprehensive course of original TXAA content. This offers the serious bowhunter (18 years and up) more opportunity and training required to participate in our club organized Urban Hunts and trips.  The program covers WHERE and HOW to bowhunt in Texas – advanced shooting skills & hunt scenarios, focus on technique and strategies for success. Emphasis is on actually making ONE shot count! Our SWAT Team hunters gain confidence in their equipment and technique. TAC has confidence in their ethics, safety and effectiveness!
Total time is 4 hours, with two 2-hour sessions.  For further questions: 

Youth Bowhunting Clinic – Cost $25 June – Oct.
A clinic designed for young bowhunters who wish to prepare for hunts offered by the Texas Youth Hunting Program in association with TAC.  Includes specific training on skills and techniques to set you up for success on TYHP hunts!  Includes an overview of how TYHP hunts are conducted, and what you will need to know in order to arrow a big-game animal on your hunt.  This is a 2-hour class.  For further questions: 

Shooting events: 

Bowhunter tune up series “Proficiency Shoot” 2015 scheduled: June 28 9am and July 26 9am

Come ready to hunt! This is a monthly (June and July) 3D shoot for the bowhunter, also serving as the Proficiency Test required for participation in TAC Hunting Programs (and selective Public land hunts). First component includes a brief clinic on select bowhunting topics. Then proceed to the shooting of fourteen 3D animal targets on a prescribed course of simulated hunting situations. 80% of shots must hit the “vitals” on the target (minimum score of 112). Cost is $10 each shoot. This can be done for a Hagerman Qualifier requirement (add $5).For further questions: 

Advanced Compound Bow – (sign up) Cost $50

In this 2-hour indoor class, learn how compound bows work from A-Z and how to tune and maintain their performance. Learn technical details of rests, stabilizers, sights, and release aids. Covers performance issues, measurements and requirements for shooting accurately and consistently. If you are going to hunt with a compound bow, you need this peace of mind and confidence with your equipment. (minimum of 3, max 6 participants). For further questions: 

Specialty Seminars/Webinars:

One-Hour Seminars held June – October, cost $10 (sign up, 5 participants minimum) For further questions: 

  • Intro to Bowfishing
  • Intro to Crossbows
  • Tree Stand Safety
  • All about Broadheads
  • DIY Wild Game Processing
  • Hunting Public Land in Texas
  • Hunting Leases – How They Work, What to Expect



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