Club Rec League:  Thursdays 6-7pm Texans Archery Club (JOAD/AA) presents a recreational league that emphasizes the games of archery and how to compete in them. Each session will provide a different archery topic (ie. outdoor, indoor, 3D) and gives an opportunity to experience them. $10 members, $15 non-members

These are additional League formats offered seasonally:

If you want to enroll (or help organize) a league, email Clint@TexasArchery.info


Vegas Poker (Nov-Dec) and 5-Spot (Aug-Sept) – a ten week league with competition starting at 7pm. Both have (Vegas is a 30 arrow format, 5-Spot is a 60 arrow format) a handicap system and variety of “skins” payoffs each night. The cost to shoot is $100 for members, $125 non-member. 50% goes towards the money pot. There is a minimum participation of 20 shooters.

Trad League – ten week league starting at 7pm for barebow shooters. We shoot 60 arrows at a progressive 2D/3D animal target course. Large animal targets, such as bear and deer are shot at 20 yards and smaller targets are shot closer. These are shot at varying distances standing, kneeling, turnaround, sitting, etc. Each designated target will specify the shot. Cost to shoot the league is $100 for members and $125 for non-members. This is a non-competitive league; scores are kept for your improvement only. Scoring will be 15 bonus dot, 10 for vitals, and 5 for all arrows hitting the animal target. Minimum participation of 20 shooters

Long distance night

Long Distance Night –  a fun league starting at 7pm. The cost is $100 for members only (use own equipment). This night consists of 15 minute warm-ups then shoot three distances in a 600 Round format, 4 ends of 5 arrows at each distance. 10 participant minimum.

Bowhunter Tune Up – (Fun Shoot & $pot shoot down) Thursday evenings, start when you get off work – Outdoor survival course with hunting scenarios. Carry 3 arrows only (with hit or miss scoring, bonus points and miss penalties). Barebow gets handicap. Players may buy upto two arrows back for misses ($5 mulligan).  The evening costs $10 members, $15 non. Survive the course, participate in $pot shoot down. Earn raffle chance each evening for league prizes (hunts/gear)! (Can be done as a Hagerman Qualifier requirement.- 80% of shots must hit the “vitals” on the target.) Held at TBD outdoor range –

Leagues require a minimum of 20 participants. You must register and pay the week prior to league start time. There is brief practice before competition commences.
1. Each league will be run by a volunteer (shoots for free) who is charged with the overall administration and closing the facility (see closing checklist).
2. The league participants are all responsible for clean-up at the end of the evening. This involves sweeping, straightening up the range.
3. The participants designate a Range Officer each evening to call the line. No one is to knock an arrow until the RO authorizes. No one is to go beyond the shooting line once shooting starts until the RO authorizes.
4. The leagues will only be as good as the participation. When it is your turn to help with set-up or clean up make sure you are there early and committed to staying later for clean up. We encourage everyone to participate and have a great league.

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