Old Ranges


We need community support for permanent infrastructure for Archery

to be sustainable beyond bowhunting.


Dallas original range for Texins Archery Club provided by Texas Instruments. Moved April 2010. Closed by TI after 50+ years occupancy due to urban encroachment and potential liability concerns. NEC of 75 and 635 – Restland @ TI Blvd




2BD802B7-7297-4417-899E-F857D93F841FDallas  TXAA – Walnut Hill @ 75 (closed 12/2014, Landlord purchased lease) To be replaced with a Shooters Club location.




IMG_8567Mid Cities-Ft Worth –   NRH TXAA (Closed 9/2016, building issues) To be replaced with a Shooters Club location.




 National Shooting Complex ranges  2016 closed due to lack of support.






San Antonio – TXAA Gault closed 2016 at end of lease. Outgrew to move to permanent Vicar location.





San Antonio – TXAA 8235 Vicar closed 3/2017 closed due to lack of community and membership support, could not close purchase contract.




San Antonio Area:




National Shooting Complex

Tournament Facility only
5931 Roft Road
 San Antonio, TX 78253

(3 miles west of Culebra and 1604)



Paradise Canyon  (San Antonio) closed 9/1/2017

2350 County Road 2615 Rio Medina, TX  (12 miles west beyond National Shooting Complex out Culebra Rd.)


San Antonio – SHOOTERS CLUB closed 9/1/2017 due to lack of membership support. (Perrin-Beitel @ Wurzbach)  10415 Perrin Beitel, Suite 106 San Antonio, Texas 78217.  Consists of three ranges. A 20 and 10 yard indoor range.  This location offered members 24 hour access to the range.

Hamilton Park Relocated due to property sale. Closed Oct 5, 2015; Reopened April 2019, closed again 2020 for TXDOT expansion.  12455 Schroeder Road Dallas, TX 75243


McKinney Range closed 7/6/17 – 3 miles east of the indoor range   2452 E. University (380) McKinney, TX closed due to property rental increase.


McKinney –  SHOOTERS CLUB 1720 W. University #200
 McKinney, TX 75069    Intersection: I-75 and 380 (Northeast corner)
 to the right of Academy behind Wendy’s. Landlord exercised lease termination to lease space to national chain tenant.

Consolidated Jan. 31, 2018 to Plano 

SC-McKinney tour


Los Rios – 1700 Country Club Dr, Plano  Closed April 2019

Located in Plano about 5 miles from the Academy (roughly 14th and Los Rios).

We utilized the old golf driving range area for a FITA long distance archery range (out to 90 meters).  Golf course is closed and transitioning to a city park in 2020.

Daingerfield (serves Northeast Texas region) – 909 Broadnax (Hwy 259) Daingerfield, TX (opened June 2018 – closed 10/1/19, purchase complicated by title issues, relocated)

24hr Shooters Club building



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