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Texas Archery Academy hours:
Open Mon-Fri 3:00pm-8:00pm
Open Sat-Sun 9:00am-6:00pm
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(annual indoor 330 eliminations)

January 21 & 22 2022

Hosted by: Texans Archery Club
Host Location: Texas Archery Academy

WHERE: held at Texas Archery Academy, located at 600 Accent Drive, #B Plano TX 75075. The Academy is located in the same parking lot as the PGA Superstore.

SHOOTING TIMES:  Friday 6PM (Qualifier), Saturday 9AM (Qualifier),  Shoot-off 3:30PM

COST: $100 for 18+; $50 for 17 and under (YOU MAY ENTER FOR TWO QUALIFIER LINE TIMES, REQUIRES ADDITIONAL ENTRY FEE/REGISTRATION FORM, highest score will be accepted)

50% of entry fee is paid out!

FORMAT: 330 Format (“X” is an 11 point count) Qualifier & Eliminations

All archers may shoot a 40cm single spot or Vegas target face at 20 yards. There are no age divisions – open to all comers!
A Qualifier of 30 arrows shot at one of the line times on Friday or Saturday seeds the field of archers into two groups: Competition (top half) and Consolation (bottom half). These two groups shoot separate elimination finals on Saturday afternoon. Each group competes in a speed elimination shoot off round yielding the top 8 competitors. The speed elimination is a round of 4 ends of 3 arrows, the group is cut in half by score. This is repeated until the field is under 16 participants. 
Top 8 scores from Compound, Barebow and Recurve equipment will then progress to an Olympic Round match play. Minimum of 8 participants per equipment style for match play.
Olympic Round – Top 8 archers progress into a bracket match play (ie. 8vs1, 7vs2, 6vs3, 5vs4) to yield 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placements for money. Match play is 5 ends of 3 arrows for compound with highest cumulative score advancing. For Recurve and Barebow, goal is first archer to win 6 points in their match, achieved by each 3 arrow end’s score – 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie.

Men’s & Women’s Consolation money pot is 25% of pot per equipment style, split: 1st (50%), 2nd (30%), 3rd (20%) – minimum guaranteed pot is $200!

Men’s & Women’s Competition money pot is 75% of pot per equipment style, split: 1st (50%), 2nd (30%), 3rd (20%) –minimum guaranteed pot is $500!


Shooters may only register in a single equipment division, max two qualifier entry chances. 

Divisions: M/F Barebow, M/F Recurve-sights, M/F Compound-sights. Entries per division determines the pay pots.



• Archers may use a single or 3 spot target face; Lowest scored arrow recorded as 1st arrow
• Listening devices (headphones, ear buds, iPod/mp3 players, etc.) are not permitted while shooting
• Must use a current manufactured arrow shaft no larger than size 2712
• Scorecard must be totaled and signed before being turned in as final scorecard. Scores will be rechecked and changed only if a lower score is found. 

Practice Warm-Up

• All lines will have 2 ends of Official Practice before scoring begins
• Free open practice on Practice Ranges

Qualification Round

• Shoot your Qualification Round at one of the line times (two entries max)
• 30 arrows from 20yds at the 40cm 3 spot face w/ super X’s scored as 11’s; Possible 330 score
• after 5 ends, targets are switched top/bottom or bottom/top on your lane for the remaining 5 ends. A new target may be requested.

• Scoring on paper scorecard, arrows are called by the majority of the group
• Do Not Touch any arrow or target face until the scores have been called & recorded accurately
• Archer can request a Judge if he/she disagrees with group call; Judge ruling is final
• Archers are required to replace target face at Judge’s discretion; Face may not be repaired
• Witnessed bounce outs or witnessed physical interference by another archer will be re-shot
• Shots triggered after buzzer will not score; Arrows that can’t be reached from line can’t be re-shot
• Archer may miss up to 2 ends during qualification round for equipment failure; score will be made up at the end. Practice only on practice range or spare targets before resuming with the group

• Results and ranking for the Qualification Round will be immediately posted, then confirmed and announced after the finish of the last line on Saturday. 

• Elimination Round Entrants determined by participant’s score in each equipment class. 

• Witnessed bounce outs or witnessed physical interference by another archer will be re-shot

• No provision for equipment failure can be given during any of the Sunday shooting.

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