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Texans Archery Club
Network of Range Locations     
I want to make sure all new members of the Hunt Club get this info.  Please complete these requirements before you schedule your first hunt:

1) attain the IBEP certification.

2) complete the proficiency shoot requirement – may be done by achieving a minimum 30 arrow score of 225 during our monthly TAIL competition or submitting a SYWAT score card with at least a 225. 

You have enrolled in the Hunt Club!
I hope to deliver rewarding hunting opportunities and some new relationships for shared memories.  I have built an email distribution for the members (please don’t unsubscribe) to efficiently deliver property updates and game camera pics. We have also created a private Facebook group.


On our “Hunt Club” page:
You will see links for the calendar for each property (will show any reservations made for hunts). Email me to reserve a hunt. For safety please text me as you enter a property and exit.
Here are the each Hunt Club property’s detail page links:
Our Hunt Club is new and evolving, I welcome any constructive input, equipment or properties you might want to contribute! I am running down additional locations in several counties. I hope to add Palo Pinto and Wood counties shortly.
Happy hunting!
Clint Montgomery
(214) 827-7000
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