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Range Officer – job description

Job Descriptions: Range Officer

Range Officers are the first representatives that people will see when they walk in the door. Be polite, courteous and helpful to all that enter into the facility. Answer every question politely and to the best of your knowledge. Below are some key duties that are expected of you throughout each shift:
– Be sure to arrive to work on-time (at least 10 minutes early). Be ready to begin working – not getting dressed or grooming when you arrive to work.
– When not helping others, keep the facility clean, neat and organized.
– Maintain equipment as needed.  What maintenance projects need to be done? Initiative is rewarded!
– Replace targets when needed and let Facility Coordinator know when something in the facility needs to be fixed or replaced.
– Make sure that everyone who walks in to use the range signs in and pays the appropriate fees. Members should electronically badge in. If not, check membership cards when members check in to ensure they are current and up to date with their yearly dues.

– You will be trained on the cash register and monies;  you may be responsible for checking the cash drawers/register bag for “beginning of the day” bank, to begin the new day, Or, at the end of day close, checking the end of drawer accounting balances and ensure excess cash bag is correct.
– When handling money, use caution making sure that you are giving back the correct change and receiving the correct amount or you will end up being short when closing out the drawer.
– You will be conducting Discovery Archery Classes on a regular basis. Be alert, confident, clear, and friendly. Use the teaching charts to explain the T-Drill and 3AR*. Work with the shooters for a few minutes through their first few shots, then back out… let them have fun. Check back a few times to assist with questions and form issues.
– After each class/event be sure that the range is clean and ready for the next class to begin. Make sure bows and arrows are ready to go for the next class.

-Unless you are a certified USA Archery Level 2+ instructor and authorized by TXAA in writing, you will not be allowed to do private lessons.

– During your shift, there should be a balance between being at the counter and supervising floor activities. If not busy at the counter, go engage people and make them glad they came in today! If working a busy time with multiple range officers, take turns between counter and floor duty/events. Only one range officer should be “camping out” at the counter. There needs to be a “lifeguard” watching the range area – eyes on the range at all times.  The bathrooms should be checked several times during the day for paper supply and cleanliness. Fletching arrows is only appropriate during the weekday shifts and you may only clean arrows. There is an assigned individual who maintains the fletching for quality control.
– Daily Open and Closing Checklists should be performed. You are responsible, open and close the facility on time!

*How to shoot with 3AR


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