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Texans Archery Club
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Staff Handbook


Handbook Purpose

This manual provides a general overview of Texas Archery Academy and Texans Archery Club’s philosophy, policies, rules, and procedures that are important in your working with us. In order to maintain excellent service, you are required to read, understand, and follow the policies and instructions set forth in this manual. This manual is only a guide. It is not possible for this manual to include instructions covering all situations which might arise in the course of daily operations. Where instructions are not provided, it is your responsibility to ask for the information, and to seek assistance from your Shift Leader (senior staff person, usually a USA Archery Level 2 instructor) or one of the Directors. The policies and instructions stated in this manual are subject to change at the sole discretion of Texas Archery Academy/Texans Archery Club’s Board of Directors (Clint Montgomery, Paul Durham, Barry Warren). None of the policies or instructions should be construed as, nor do they constitute, a contract guaranteeing work for any specific duration.  All staff are contract services, not employees, you choose when want to help us staff the facilities. We pay for your assistance every two weeks (no withholdings, you are responsible for your own tax filings). You or TXAA/TAC may terminate the relationship at any time, for any reason, with or without cause or notice.

Mission Statement


“We provide the public “Access to Archery”, through our network of indoor training centers and instructors statewide…Our Texans Archery Club membership provides access to a network of indoor AND outdoor ranges around the state for one membership price – with no additional range fees!


We are promoting the growth of the Archery infrastructure in Texas… by developing visitor traffic and financial assistance (club grants and youth equipment/scholarship programs), building or sponsoring additional ranges, creating a statewide instructor network, and providing education programs for the next generation of archer… the goal is sustainable archery participation.”

Thank you for helping Archery grow!


Staff Conduct

Honesty, alertness, loyalty, Customer Service, and intelligence are essential to the performance
of your duties at our facilities.

At TXAA/TAC, our philosophy of service is that we provide a family friendly environment. Courtesy is more than a fleeting smile or an occasional “thank you.” All behavior – both verbal and non-verbal – affects the way you are perceived by members, guests, visitors and fellow staff. Your attitude is a direct reflection of TXAA/TAC to the public. Please be aware of how your attitude is being perceived and present a positive image at all times.

Attention to Duties
Complete attention to the job is the priority.  People’s safety is our responsibility. We do much more than teach the sport of archery, we ensure that everyone’s experience is a memorable and safe one.

Rules, Conduct, and Regulations

Some examples of behavior and conduct that will result in counseling, reprimand, discipline, suspension or termination include, but are not limited to, the following:

– Smoking on duty

– Using the internet while on duty
– No Call-No Show
– using your personal cell phone while on the clock
– Disruptive activities such as gossip that would interfere with work
– Discourtesy. Tips are not to be solicited.
– Rude Behavior
– Failure to follow the rules of this staff handbook, engaging in lessons without authorization
– Stealing, misuse, or defacing any of the equipment
– Any act that might put others in harm’s way/ or endanger the lives of our guests, members and visitors
– Insubordination, including but not limited to, refusal to obey instructions, including assaulting, or directing threats, or abusive, offensive language to anyone

Telephone Etiquette/Cell Phone Usage

Always make sure to have a pad and pen to take notes or messages as required. If telephone equipment is provided at your location, it is meant for business use only. Please ask your friends and family not to call you at work unless it is an emergency.  No personal or long distance calls are to be made from the post. Answer all incoming calls as promptly as possible. When answering the phone say, (“Thank you for calling Texas Archery Academy.  How can we help you?”)

Cell Phones/Texting — Unless it is an emergency, you are not allowed on your phone while on duty. Put it away.

Dress Code

Texas Archery Academy expects staff to dress and conduct themselves appropriately while on duty at our ranges. We are the first impression the public has of Archery, maintaining a consistent athletic, wholesome and professional image is essential. These guidelines will help determine what is appropriate while on duty or providing official services for TXAA like lesson or events.
Clothing: TXAA Company staff shirts must be worn at all times (currently, red TXAA shirts for Range Officers). Shirts tucked in if it is too long. Long pants are to be worn, no shorts. Pants maybe – athletic, nylon style, warm ups (no cotton sweats), khaki pants are preferred, but jeans (with no holes) may be worn. Hats are not encouraged. Closed-toe shoes/ tennis shoes (no sandals or toe slippers) are to be worn. Clothing should be clean and not wrinkled or sloppy. torn, dirty, or frayed clothing is unacceptable. All seams must be finished. No unauthorized clothing with words, terms, or pictures. Clothing that reveals your underwear is not appropriate. One TXAA red shirt is provided free, replacements/additional shirts may be purchased by staff for cost $20.

Level 2+ authorized instructors are to wear the USA Archery blue instructor shirt while teaching private lessons not while performing Range Officer shift.

Appearance: Staff are expected to demonstrate good judgment and professional taste. Our professional image is family wholesome, this should be the guiding rule. Jewelry, Makeup, Perfume/Cologne should be minimal, in good taste.  No outlandish Hairstyle i.e.; Mohawks etc. Men’s facial Hair is to be neat and trimmed. Women’s hair to be tied back or controlled as to not interfere with safe shooting. Jewelry that presents a safety hazard is not allowed. One pair of earrings is acceptable for women, none for men. Any other “body piercing” will not be visible or must be removed while on duty or wearing any TXAA attire. Tattoos will not be visible. Infractions will result in loss of shift, removal from schedule or termination.

Range Access

Personal archery practice is prohibited while working your shift. You may only demonstrate how to shoot as part of your duties. As long as you are a current staff member working shifts, you may shoot for one hour free the day of your shift (before/after your shift) at your assigned indoor range only, during public hours. This privilege terminates should you resign or not be active on the shift schedule. If you are a paid Texans Archery Club member, you may access any of the ranges according to current membership policies.

Bonus Pay

No “TIPS” are to be solicited – if offered, they are a donation to TXAA.

No staff may teach private lessons while on shift or without registering to be an authorized TXAA instructor. See “Teaching Lessons” for more details.

Events are conducted by Level 2+ instructors. Instructor is paid the event instructor fee.

Call Off, Absences, and Tardiness

You must notify your facility coordinator/Shift Leader prior to the start of your shift that you will be absent or tardy. Failure to do so may result in replacement/release.

Staff Concern – Resolution Process

Texas Archery Academy/Texans Archery Club makes every effort to provide a positive work environment. If you are concerned about an issue, please contact one of the Directors.

Payroll Policy
You work the shift hours you selected. Pay is calculated on the shift, there is no pay for early or late. Be professional, you should arrive 10 minutes early and expect to leave within 10 minutes of the end of your shift. You will receive a staff email every two weeks asking for your hours and total owed. Pay (cash/check) is available at your facility within two days. Your pay may be increased by running a birthday party ($15) and for assisting new members to sign up ($2).

Policy Review and Assessment
This policy may be amended by the Board of Directors at any time in order to take into account changes in best practices.

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