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Texans Archery Club
Network of Range Locations     


Standard Operating Procedures

Unlock all necessary doors, secure any combination locks used.
Flip the open signs (If sign lights up, turn on), if exist.

Walk the range -make sure ranges are clean, orderly, and ready for shooters. (Old targets down, portable targets reset, no arrows left out or in walls!)
Check restrooms are clean and stocked with toilet paper, towels, soap, and toilet is working properly or report it!
Turn on A/C units sparingly *Do not lower or increase the thermostat, only a Shift Leader/Director is allowed to move it)
Retrieve the opening BANK for the cash drawer from safe. $100 should be available to begin each day.
Using IPAD Open/Square Wedge open the Register Application.
Choose the link that says start Drawer.
This will begin the new Day Financially.
Set out the Binder that has the Range Usage Logs for people to sign in.
Make sure front desk area is presentable and clean.
Make sure bows and arrows are ready for the new day.
If range was not left in order by the last day’s closing shift, make a note in the facility drop log.


Greet all guests/members/visitors that enter into the facility and make sure that if they are members, that they need to have their membership cards/electronically check in. Check memberships for expirations.
Ensure all shooters sign in and pay appropriate fees whether public shooter, guest or members purchasing other items.
Always be visible to guests at all times and prepared to answer questions.
Assist guests if they need help or you see they are doing something incorrectly and help them with their shooting form…not a private lesson though.
Always ensure that safety procedures are being carried out at all times.
Always be positive and smile when around guests.
Listen, be attentive and be courteous to everyone.
If people are visiting for the very first time and want to know about memberships and what TXAA/TAC is all about, give them a tour around the facility and talk pricing with them (use available handouts). This will give the newcomers a mental picture of what they are committing to and helps make the sell. You are rewarded by a $2 bonus for new members you assist – they enter your name on the application.

Ranges should be monitored for proper targets for equipment being used/unsafe shooting form. Portable targets should be used under your supervision – some shooters may put a target in an inappropriate area, possibly causing arrow bounce backs or other damage.

The work table/front counter must be kept clean and orderly at all times. Please eat meals before/after your shift, and no trash left behind!
When you have free time: repair the ranges; sweep up; check the restrooms hourly; organize the tables and chairs; windex all glass/windows/doors – keep the facility organized and presentable at all times.

Equipment: Repair arrows or bows, wax bow strings, wipe bows (disinfect) when you have time (week days only).
Help guests, but your top priority is safety! A pair of eyes on the range at ALL TIMES. 


Turn on IPAD and enter password.
Choose the Register App.
Start Drawer and Confirm the Start drawer.
When charging an item,
-Choose item that you want to charge (note* Item should appear in upper title bar “Current Sale” and Box on top right corner will be highlighted in blue with the price of the selected items total
Press Button that says Charge $$$
Choose method of payment, Cash/Card/Gift Card (Credit card and Gift Card will require using the card square)
If cash choose the amount given and push the button with the correct cash given.
Cash register should open and use what you need to give back correct change.
Give back correct change along with the receipt .
Get ready for the next guest.
To Void a sale before completing the transaction; click on the bar that says current sale then click on the clear sale option and confirm.


Click on the bottom middle button.
Page entitled “library” will pop up with a list of options to choose from
Click on the tab that says “Gift Card”
Click on the tab that says “Gift Card Variable”
Enter in the value of the desired amount.
Click on the Add Card.
Swipe new blank gift card.
Click on the button that says charge.
Then you can cash the tender.
Double check to see if the card is activated by clicking on the gift card button, Click on the Check balance, swipe card and it will show you the amount that is on the card or if it says not activated repeat process again.


Click into the register application
Click on the 3 lines icon located on the bottom left hand corner.
Click on the tab that says Reports.
Click on the Bar that say “End Drawer”
Enter the Password.
Confirm end drawer.
Receipt will print out with the daily total.
Cash drawer will open up for you to count the money and separate $100 to begin the cash drawer for the next day’s operations.
Put the excess drawer cash in an envelope, date/put amount on it/ sign it. The envelope then is deposited in the drop safe. Register the deposit in the accompanying deposit book to close the day.
Ensure that IPAD is put away and other sign in books.


Start closing 30 minutes prior to scheduled closing time. You are to have the lights off and be locked up within 10 minutes of closing time!

Refuse new shooters 30 minutes before close. Shut down register, count money, reconcile cash drawer to end statement. $100 starting drawer set up for next day, excess cash goes with end statement in drop box – make daily entry in management book. Store IPad and monies in safe.  Cash drawer left open (empty).

All trash is to be consolidated and disposed of EVERYDAY.  Ranges are to be swept/cleared of debris, equipment, and straighten up. Engage remaining shooters to help.  Are they ready for the next day? Sunday closing – use power blower to clear floors thoroughly.  Clean up party areas and bathrooms. Restock as needed with trash bags and paper items. Clean and lock up counter area.

Proceed with lock up. If a league event is underway, league manager is engaged to complete final lock up. No private lessons are to be allowed after closing.  HVAC off, lights off, all exterior doors locked.

This is how it gets done:

Shift Leader (senior staff person, usually Level 2+) to supervise all Range Officers to assist in pre-closing duties – Are ranges presentable for next day?

Shift Leader to start 30 minutes prior to close:  Close register, log deposit, money in drop box, IPAD in safe. Range Officers should be delegated to prepare bathrooms, collect trash for closing, and check list below.

Shift Leader coordinate that all shooting ceases 15 minutes before closing time: Engage all remaining shooters to remove their targets, reset and sweep their range. Members may relocate to back room/Shooters Club. You may want to start turning range lights off. All guests are cleared. Confirm the facility is ready for the next day. Lock up and Lights out – no later than 10 minutes after closing time!


  • reset ranges, portable targets repositioned/stored, old paper targets removed from bales (recycle box or trash) that may have been put up on members/public sides, Public side should have our coroplast shape targets properly arranged and foam secured. Any arrows left out or in walls removed. Loaner bows and arrows stored. Chairs and tables positioned orderly.
  • Clear all trash from ranges. Members should be engaged to assist – take targets down and sweep, any trash (drink cups, food, debris) disposed of. All trash is consolidated and taken to dumpster at end of day. (Sunday closing use power blower to clean floors thoroughly.)
  •       If you eat or drink anything, please do not leave it behind. (Please eat before/after your shift).
  • Birthday parties/Events – if you ran it, clean up after it! Shift Leader to confirm. Trash removed, extra chairs/tables stored.

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