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Texans Archery Club
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Teaching Lessons

Private lessons may be given at TXAA indoor facilities by certified USA Archery instructors only, who are authorized by written agreement with TXAA, and are current paid Texans Archery Club members. No unauthorized instruction is allowed. A family member can instruct another family member, but otherwise no one else teaches.

Lessons are allowed only during regular business hours on the Academy range. Instructors are independent contractors and pay a monthly fee to TXAA. They are to adhere to dress code, and collect the lesson fees directly (not through the TXAA register).

Designated lesson areas may be assigned. We intend to improve teaching amenities, available equipment for lessons, and regular coaching symposiums. We enable a public posting of all registered instructors at each facility so that the public may book directly.

No lessons are to be given by staff while working a TXAA work shift. Private lessons and events are to be run by Level 2 (minimum) instructors. All instructors giving private lessons are required to wear their USA Archery official instructor shirt and have signed the TXAA authorization agreement.


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