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Time kills deals

If you procrastinate, it hurts everyone! If a task needs to be done, do it now!

It’s the job you never start that takes the longest to finish. 

Eighty percent of success is showing up.

Today, not tomorrow. Make the contact now. No response to an email… call. Nothing…call every 15 minutes…go walk in. That is how things get done. Don’t wait.

What are the 10 most important things to get done today. Focus on those, complete, then worry about other stuff. FOCUS


So you see an arrow in the wall. Do you wait for someone else to get it down? Take action.

A project needs to get done that’s too big for just you. Use your initiative, ask someone to lend a hand.

Our members want to perform their service work obligation. Invite them to help if you need it.

This includes enabling the members to get educated as archers, become self sufficient, help watch safety on the range, engage new members with friendship and mentoring. If a member comes in everyday and asks for the same thing… “I want the bow with wheels on it”.  Suggest they review the wall charts displaying the types and parts of the bow and arrow. Young shooters should be engaged with simple quiz & reward. They bring you a damaged arrow, have them name the part damaged to earn a replacement! Promote our virtual archery learning program Archers Quest. It provides fundamental archery education.

A member who comes in all the time can get their own equipment too. How much of your productive time is shuffling back and forth getting equipment when you could truly be helping/educating people? Use the “Good Arrows” and “Bad Arrows” buckets!

If you are working on shift by yourself, engage the members to help. Let them know you need them to help watch the range for safety.  Put out a small equipment rack for self-serve, and a damage/good arrow swap bucket.

Think! Work smart, not just hard.

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