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After you have attended our Intro to Archery clinic (prerequisite), we provide a learning path of weekly workouts delivering Archers Quest rank advancement in Texans Archery Club’s USA Archery (JOAD); Adult Archery Achievement (AAA).

Certified instructors teach age appropriate skills based on rank level.  Students develop archery skill and knowledge, while enjoying FUN activities. The program is curriculum based, with focus on individual growth in physical, mental, and leadership confidence.  Equipment provided at initial levels is appropriate to age/program (minimum age 9 years old). Personal equipment is welcome also. The program offers the opportunity to tryout different styles of equipment prior to making a purchase decision. Assistance is available with purchasing specifications. This program develops educated and proficient archers ready to try out for competitive team archery or fully explore individual archery recreation!

Parents are welcome to be involved – once comfortable, youth may be dropped off for class session by parent. Safe Sport policies enforced.  

Students progress through the four available ranks delivered in this class.  The first 3 ranks complement NASP and other youth program shooting distances. Most students complete the ARCHER level within 6 months.



Before your first class:

PRINT OUT and bring to class the Jr Yeoman Worksheet   

ENROLL in Archers Quest and go through the JR YEOMAN material.

DOWNLOAD and read:  Texas Archery Academy’s Fundamentals handout  

Our instructors will guide your development through the ARCHERS QUEST curriculum. It is used as course structure and ranks for advancement (rank patches are included). Each rank has online homework and quiz that includes quest and shooting requirement. Each class session uses the worksheet in preparation to pass online quiz and shooting score. Separately, Students are also encouraged to participate in our monthly  (TAIL) shoot, the last Sunday of each month, for additional USA Archery performance awards earned under tournament conditions. 

Jr Yeoman Worksheet                                            Yeoman Worksheet


Bowman Worksheet                                                  Archer Worksheet

Upon reaching the rank of ARCHER, members may try out for a variety of competitive traveling teams sponsored at the Academy. These allow you to enjoy shooting practices and adventures with your peers, and a dedicated Coach.



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