Learning Path


Texas Archery Academy’s Learning Path 

Held at Texas Archery Academy, 600 Accent Dr Plano, TX

(developed to provide a series of structured archery classes for students wanting to explore archery to their full potential!)


1) INTRO TO ARCHERY – Learn to shoot and be safe on a range!

Texas Archery Academy’s Intro handout

A one hour instructor led clinic for ages 9+ – introduces types of equipment and shooting styles. Students are provided equipment and practice  3AR shooting techniques, while learning safety rules, range layout and etiquette – the goal is to achieve fundamental archery literacy and Range Certification (Green Star card). This is a student’s first developmental step on the Learning Path.

Saturdays 11-noon – sign up 15 minutes before class –  $15, FREE to new members within first month of joining.


2) ARCHERY FUNDAMENTALS & WORKOUTS – Participants (youth & adult) are part of Texans Archery Club’s  team development program (JOAD/S3DA/AAA) for novice archers to learn the basics (REC) and the games (ACADEMY), in preparation for trying out for  competitive teams (SELECT).  

REC & ACADEMY have weekly workouts – Free for members, $10 non-members/workout – 6pm-7pm Youth, 6:30pm-7:30pm Adults. Held at Texas Archery Academy, 600 Accent Dr Plano, TX on Thursdays.

Texas Archery Academy’s Fundamentals handout  

REC – USA Archery certified instructors work with novice shooters (all equipment included, minimum age 8 years old) using NASP (National Archery in Schools) curriculum as a foundation. Instinctive shooting is the focus, with discussion on different shooting methods.

This is a fundamental program of structured drills & skills practice. The games of archery (ie. outdoor, indoor, 3D) are introduced and students are prepared for participating in official WORLD ARCHERY tournaments (the “Sport” of Archery). Students participate in our monthly TAIL shoot (last Sunday of month) to experience tournament scoring, rules, conditions and earn advancement levels before moving on to ACADEMY.

ACADEMY – USA Archery certified instructors work with shooters (all equipment included, acceptable personal equipment may be used, minimum age 10 years old) using OAS (Olympic Archery in Schools) curriculum as foundation and several organizations as a league of play. This presents the NTS (National Training System) endorsed by USA Archery’s Olympic goals. Shooting methods utilizing sights, advanced equipment, and biometrics are featured.

Students have opportunity to shoot a variety of equipment in preparation for making equipment purchase decisions. Barebow, Olympic Recurve and Compound bows are featured. Participation requirements introduce students to actual competitions in a variety of formats and venues.  Students also participate in our monthly TAIL shoot (last Sunday of month) to earn advancement levels before moving on to Select level TEAMS.



TXAA sponsors multiple teams for youth (NASP/4H/OAS/S3DA/JOAD/homeschool), collegiate, adult. Members completing ARCHERY FUNDAMENTALS (or by Coach approval) may try out for a TXAA sponsored team. Enjoy shooting adventures with your peers, with a dedicated Coach. Workouts weekly, costs generally $10 workout. Texans Archery Club membership is required to participate.

TXAA sponsors the development of teams and coaches around the state (includes use of facilities/equipment/curriculum training); sponsors team uniform shirts; hosts a monthly Texas Archery Indoor League (TAIL) for official individual achievement testing for USA Archery performance awards as part of a larger seasonal league of competition for individuals & teams.

USA Archery (JOAD); Adult Archery Achievement (AAA),

Information on Team Workouts

Have you participated in a school sponsored NASP program or other introductory program, but want more? click here for the next level


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