Monthly World Archery tournament series (Jan-Nov), last Sunday each month at Plano

 TAIL details 


TAIL (Texas Archery Indoor League) Last Sunday each month, Jan-Nov) 2pm start $15 – 30 arrows format, qualifier followed by team round. You are striving for your top 2 scores during the season to qualify you for TAIL END.  This also serves as the “Pins Shoot” to earn individual performance awards from USA Archery under tournament conditions.

Texas Cup  (January) – Vegas/Lancaster warmup $25 entry, $1000 payback – indoor 30 arrow format on Thursday nights Jan 4, 11, 18  (6pm California Start) & Finals on 21st. Hosted at Texas Archery Academy. Sign up at front counter. Open to all skill levels and equipment (no crossbow).

Cupid Shoot Fun Shoot (February) – Mixed team event

Spring Splash & Bounce Fun Shoot (March) – Carnival dunking tank and aerial novelty shoot

Scout Invitational (April) – Fundraiser to help Scouts go to summer camp & fund troop adventures. Must have 5 shooters to represent your troop. All NASP style equipment used.

 TEXANS 900 (May) – 30 arrows at three different outdoor distances. The TEXANS 900 Round will consist of 5 ends of 6 arrows shot at 3 distances, beginning with the furthest distance. 5 minutes will be allowed for each end. The target will be the 122cm multicolor face with gold-red-blue, etc. (10 through 1) scoring areas. Cub distances will be 30-20-10 yards, Youth distances will be 50-40-30 yards and Young Adult/Adult/Senior distances will be 60-50-40 yards.

Bowhunter Tune Up  (June) – Outdoor survival course with hunting scenarios. Carry 3 arrows only (with hit or miss scoring, bonus points and miss penalties). Start as you arrive from 9am-noon. The cost is $10 members, $15 non. (Can be done as a Hagerman Qualifier requirement.- 80% of shots must hit the “vitals” on the target.)

Shoot For $ & Archery Rummage Sale (September) – part of our annual ON TARGET fundraiser. Sponsor a shooter in their attempt to help support our non-profit. Donate $ per point they achieve (shoot) in September’s TAIL tournament (300 point max).

Halloween “Spook Shoot” (October) – We supply all the equipment for a family fun shoot! Crazy targets and activities to provide your gremlins a FUN, safe, Halloween experience! Costumes invited!

TAIL END (November) – Culmination of the Texas Archery Indoor League

NASP Open (December) – NASP format event 10 meters and 15 meters.





Additionally, we have leagues to participate in. Usually 6 to 10 week formats. Check at your favorite indoor range to see what is being offered.

Competition age divisions

The NFAA and USA Archery have different ways of determining which age division you would compete in. NFAA competitions use your age on the day of competition, while USA Archery uses your age through the end of the calendar year.


Participants may compete as a:

  • Cub (under 12)
  • Youth (12–14)
  • Young Adult (15–17)
  • Adult (18–49)
  • Senior (50–59)
  • Silver Senior (60–69)
  • Master Senior (70+)

USA Archery youth classes

Participants may compete as a:

  • “Bowman” through the calendar year of their 12th birthday.
  • “Cub” through the calendar year of their 14th birthday.
  • “Cadet” through the calendar year of their 17th birthday.
  • “Junior” through the calendar year of their 20th birthday.

USA Archery senior and master age classes

Participants may compete as a:

  • “Senior” at any point they wish.
  • “Master 50+” when the competition takes place in the year of their 50th birthday and thereafter.
  • “Master 60+” when the competition takes place in the year of their 60th birthday and thereafter.
  • “Master 70+” when the competition takes place in the year of their 70th birthday and thereafter.

Age division calculator

Enter your birthdate below and see what NFAA and USA Archery age divisions you would enter for a competition today. To see what division you would compete in at a future event, enter a date in the second date field.

Enter your birthdate:,

Enter a date for a future archery event (optional):,

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