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Texas Archery Academy hours:
Open Mon-Fri 3:00pm-8:00pm
Open Sat-Sun 9:00am-6:00pm
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Team Workouts

TAC/TXAA sponsors the development of teams around the state and coaches (includes use of facilities/equipment/curriculum training); hosts a monthly Texas Archery Indoor League (TAIL) for official achievement testing for awards (individual skill evaluation) and league competition for teams; and sponsors team shirt uniforms and composite team community posters. Additional support is given for national tournament entry to qualifying applicants to compete.

Texans Archery Club is a registered USA Archery JOAD & AAA club, as well as a S3DA program. 






TXAA Sponsored Teams  enjoy free weekly reserved workouts. Instructor/Coach and participants must be members of Texans Archery Club. Requirements for TXAA sponsorship.









Guest Teams may reserve a range for $75 per workout (15 shooters max). Team Instructor/Coach must be certified to supervise the group (NASP, JOAD, 4H, BSA, etc), acceptable to TXAA. Participants use their own equipment. No TAC membership requirement

Outdoor team workouts/field trips may also be arranged by reservation with for $5/participant, coach must be certified and a member of TAC.

Guest team needing equipment or without an instructor will be treated as regular group/range pricing.





This concludes the staff manual. Thank you for your commitment to help others.

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